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10 Best car amplifier for bass 2022

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Are you a music lover who loves listening to music in the car? If so, then the factory system will not always do justice with the low-frequency notes.

When it comes to bass, none of the music systems is complete without an amplifier. So, the need of the hour is to give the music system an upgrade. But how? Let’s find out in our detailed guide about the best car amplifier for bass.

You might don’t like a low volume sound in your vehicle. Thus adding more speakers and replacing the factory ones is a common habit to overcome such problems. The built-in amplifier cannot handle this enhanced setup and will make the sound even worse.

Hence, upgrading to an amplifier having a good power rating and root mean square power will help you drive the subs. Therefore, powering the subwoofers will produce clear, sharp, and quality sound with a bass-boosted experience in return!

Choosing the best car amplifier for money can be confusing for you, as many brands print misleading power ratings and specs. But we won’t let you feel down. In this detailed guide about the best car amp for bass, you’ll end up having a crisp sound with a less noisy feel from your vehicle’s speakers. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

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In Hurry? Choose from our picks

Best Value
Massive Audio EX44
Massive Audio EX44
  • Model: EX44
  • Power: 800 Watts
  • Output Channel: 4
  • Impedance: 2/4 Ohms
Amazon Choice
Planet Audio AC1500
Planet Audio AC1500
  • Model: AC1500.1M
  • Power: 1500/750 Watts
  • Output Channel: Single
  • Impedance: 2 Ohms
Budget Pick
YaeCCC 8″
YaeCCC 8″
  • RMS Power: 150W
  • Power: 480W Watts
  • Filter Crossover: 40Hz – 250 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms

How to buy Best Car Amplifiers for Bass?

Before choosing the car amplifier for your car as per your needs, it’s essential to glance at some fundamental factors that play a significant role in defining the sound quality. Thus, to help you eliminate the confusion due to the availability of hundreds of similar products in the market and enables you to short-list a few of them, we’re here with some key factors to keep in mind.

Factors to consider before buying the best car amplifier for bass:

Type of Amplifier:

Before we get onto some complex terms, a priority decision to make is what type of amplifier your needs fit? There are four to five classes right now in the market, dividing the amplifiers based on operations and components.

  • Class A corresponds to the basic car amplifiers and utilizes only a single transistor.
  • While the class B is a little upgrade to the previous one and have a transistor in the push-pull application.
  • At third, we have is Class A/B, which is a combination of previous classes. It’s a low-cost amplifier that flows small currents through circuits in zero input.
  • G/H Class of car amplifiers for bass is the improved version of Class A/B. In this type, both the transistors conduct the power supply producing higher output.


Power Ratings of your amplifier play a significant role in defining the sound quality and bass. Also, many brands and manufacturers are creating confusion in these power ratings resulting in misguided experiences. To help you understand better, here are two power ratings you need to consider.

Peak Power:

It is the maximum power that an amplifier can produce in a given time, i.e., it might be a fraction of a second, and the numbers are less useful.

Root Mean Square (RMS):

Next, the RMS power ratings are the combination of voltage and power and are regarded as the continuous power that decides the real power of an amplifier for bass. A bass amplifier somewhat in between the 300 to 350 power rating is considered best overall.

Make sure to consider the excellent power ratings before making a purchase!


The channels come into play when you’re considering the bass experience! Hence, to have a clear sound while enjoying heavy and deep bass, a single-channel amp is preferred. However, having a multi-channel amp offers more setup options, bridging feature for extra power, and sharing load attributes.

Best Car Amplifier for Bass 2022

1. Planet Audio AC1500.1M Monoblock Car Amplifier:

Planet Audio Car Amplifier for Bass 2021
Key Specifications
Model: AC1500.1M
Power: 1500/750 Watts
Output Channel: Single
Impedance: 2 Ohms


MOSFET- Out of this world:

We know the reason why this amplifier is caller the Planet Audio AC1500. Bringing some high-level outputs via Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transistors, it’s not an easy job to handle the 1500 wattage of power in a single channel. Moreover, to improve the sound quality and bring some crispiness, you can lower the power to 750 watts at 4 Ohms as per your music taste. Thus, this best car amplifier for bass is explicitly designed to power your vehicle’s subwoofer for a bass-boosted experience.

Low-Level Inputs:

Planet Audio has eliminated another headache of yours! It has got the line-level inputs, also known as RCA inputs so that you can connect the amplifier with the source unit using simple RCA cables.

Low-Pass Cross Over:

A low pass filter will take care of the notes that don’t need to be passed through the amplifier. It keeps all the notes under a specific frequency range and maintains the higher notes out of the subwoofer’s reach. On the other, a bass boost works simultaneously and adjusts the bass experience using its variable technology.

  • Slim and compact shape
  • Variable bass boost
  • Dual output option
  • Remote subwoofer control
  • Small gauge wires

2. BOSS Audio System R1100M Monoblock Amplifier:

Best Car Amplifier for Bass 2021- Best car amplifier for bass
Best Car Amplifier for Bass 2022
Key Specifications
Model: R1100M
Power: 1500/750 Watts
Output Channel: Single
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Maximized Power:

BOSS Audio System is leading the market for the best car amplifier for bass, and this R1100M depicts why it is so! This model brings in the maximized power support using the 1100 watt output at 2 Ohms in a single channel. But what if your car’s subwoofer can take this much power? Worry not, as BOSS has a solution for this as well. You can adjust the power output to 750 at 4 Ohm in a single channel.

Easy to Install:

No need to spend dollars on hiring an electrician or mechanic to fit in the amplifier! Moreover, BOSS Audio has eliminated the user’s complaints about the short gauge wires by featuring heavier and longer length wires on-board.

High-Level Inputs:

The amplifier is equipped with speaker level or high-level input, which is perfect for connecting this R1100M with your factory radio. Thus, having RCA inputs is not always the choice for your in-built radio to work with an amplifier.

Variable Bass Boost:

R1100M will never disappoint when it comes to versatility and extensive level use. This car amplifier is made especially to keep in mind every music lover’s needs and adjust the bass accordingly. Moreover, you can further customize the sound quality by keeping the higher notes out of the subwoofer using the low-pass filter.

  • It weighs only 4 lbs
  • High and Low-Level Inputs
  • Low pass crossover
  • Remote subwoofer control
  • No phase control

3.     Massive Audio EX44 Car Amplifier:

Massive Audio best car amplifier for bass
Key Specifications
Model: EX44
Power: 800 Watts
Output Channel: 4
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Highly Performing Car Amplifier:

Are you looking for something out of the box when it comes to the best car amp for bass? If so, Massive Audio EX44 can be the choice! This car amplifier features only 12V power with 100w x 4 RMS specifications at the 2 and 4 ohms impedance level. Not only is this, but you can enjoy the wide frequency range from 10 Hz to 25 kHz covering all the low and high notes to produce crisp and quality sound.

Multi-Channel device:

This multi-channel car amplifier for bass features the OEM line converted on-board, which automatically converts ten-speaker level input into an RCA preamp type. On top of everything comes the bass boost attribute having a range between 0 to 12 dB giving you the immense impact to punch the car’s speaker with bass.

Powerful Clean Sound:

Listening to deep baas shouldn’t interrupt the clarity of the music. That what this EX44 amplifier aims for! It has multi-channel support and quality components inside to give you hope of not settling down for less. Advanced five-way protection circuitry and the Auto Turn ON feature by sensing the DC offset; this car amplifier has left behind all others in the same category.

  • Low distortion
  • Powerful bass (0 – 12 dB)
  • Small heat sink
  • Ground loop isolator
  • Low efficiency at high power

4.     RockVille dB13 Car Amplifier:

Rockville car amplifier for bass - Best car amplifier for bass
Key Specifications
Model: RockVille dB13
Power: 4000 Watts
Output Channel: Single
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


CEA Rated Amplifier:

One of the best attributes that will urge you to buy the best car amplifier for bass is its CEA Rated power ratings! No expert can deny the CEA Compliant power ratings yielding less than 1% distortion via utilizing 3000/1500 watt RMS mono class D technology. Compared to other famous brands like Kicker, Rockford; Rockville has taken the lead.

MOSFET Power Supply:

Rockville will never let you down when it comes to bass boosted experience and quality sound. Highly performing MOSFET power supply along with the smoothly conducting transistors, this Class D amplifier is all you need to enjoy the music on a long drive. The Octave Crossover having diverse circuitry holds the ability to adjust the 12 dB sound range.

Low Pass Filters:

Subwoofers are not meant for any frequency range! Thus, eliminating the higher frequency notes from the subwoofer, this Rockville has the low pass filter on-board. But wait! Things are not just confined to low pass filter. This bass amplifier also equips the fully adjustable 12dB bass equalizer, subsonic filter (15 Hz to 55 Hz), and remote dashboard subwoofer control system.

  • RCA Preamp line output
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Optical Coupler Class D
  • MOSFET Power supply
  • Short RCA output

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5.  BOSS Audio Systems R1002 Car Amplifier:

BOSS Audio Systems R1002 Car Amplifier - Best car amplifier for bass
Key Specifications
Model: R1002
Power: 200 Watts
Output Channel: Dual
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Mid-Ranged Power:

For those looking for a device no with much power but optimum performance, here is the BOSS R1002! This best car amplifier for bass is perfectly designed for a 200 watts output into a two-channel system, ensuring you’re the quality sound with bass boost. Not just this, but the dual power output delivery allows you to have 100-watt power at 4 Ohms into two channels.

No RCA inputs? No Problem:

Boss Audio System is well-equipped with the speaker level inputs, which are generally the high-level inputs. Thus, if your built-in radio has no RCA inputs, there is nothing that can stop you from listening to the bass-boosted audio.

Input Gain Control:

Another noteworthy feature for this BOSS Audio is the input gain control, which has left behind the similar products in this range. This option allows you to match the amplifier’s input with the head unit’s output. Once these are matched, you’ll end up listening to the optimum performance when appropriately adjusted.


BOSS audio systems are equipped with the MOSFET power supply, including the Metal Oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors serving you with a non-stop fun experience.

  • Linear circuitry design
  • More Power and Volume
  • Input gain control
  • No remote subwoofer control

6. Soundxtrem SX ST-1600.1 Monoblock Can Amplifier:

Soundxtrem SX ST-1600.1 Monoblock Can Amplifier: - Best car amplifier for bass
Key Specifications
Model: SX ST-1600.1
Power: 1600 Watts
Output Channel: Single
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Continuously Variable:

Continuously variable technology from the SoundXtrem is the reason of fame for this ST-1600.1 model. It has the 12 dB adjustable high pass and 12 dB adjustable low pass crossover. Thus, both the upper and lower level Octave filters help you maintain the frequency range for powering the subwoofer and achieving the optimized sound quality.

Deep Bass Control:

Apart from having a better and crisp sound quality, the variable crossover is also useful for profound bass control. That’s what you must be looking for while buying the best car amp for bass. The frequency range is also extensive and adjustable between 10 Hz and 30,000 Hz, allowing you to yield the sound quality.

Power and Protection:

The powerful and protective feature for this best car amplifier better indicates the safety concerns. Another remote control knob on-board makes sure you get all the versatility and adjustability while listening to your favorite music track on the journey.

Circuit Protection:

There are various other smart options, including the protective measures and ensuring you the seamless operations overall. The defensive options include overload, thermal, and short circuit protection.

  • Soft start and mute option
  • Power and protection indicator
  • Variable filters
  • Deep bass control
  • 70 dB signal to noise

7. Hifonics ZXX-1800.1D Zeus Mono Channel:

Hifonics ZXX-1800.1D Zeus Mono Channel:
Key Specifications
Model: ZXX-1800.1D
Power: 1800 Watts
Output Channel: Mono Channel
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Big Power-Small Footprint:

This Hifonics falls under the range of Class D amplifiers, ensuring you the top class topology and operations. This highly efficient car amplifier yields a winning combination of immense power and smaller footprints using the mono channel output. Hence, this powerful gadget is suitable enough to fire your subwoofers with deep bass.

Made to Last Longer:

Are you tired of spending dollars on buying car amplifiers now and then? If so, let’s introduce you to this best car amplifier for the money, which is made to last longer. The amplifier generates the maximum low voltage signal and reduced distortion level. Moreover, higher temperature impact resistant inputs along with hex screws, are a prime reason to buy.

Daisy Chain multiple amplifiers:

The amplifier holds sturdy inputs, but the quality RCA outputs and the daisy chain multiple builds eliminate unnecessary cables.

  • Daisy chain multiple amplifiers
  • Low noise preamp
  • Heat dissipation
  • Classic look with illuminated logo
  • Not enough power for some

8. Lanzar Amplifier Car Audio Amplifier:

Lanzar Amplifier Car Audio Amplifier:- Best car amplifier for bass
Key Specifications
Model: HTG 137
Power: 2000 Watts
Output Channel: Mono Channel
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms


Excellent Frequency Rates:

Lanzar Amplifier comes equipped with tremendous response rates and crossover networks that let you fit the device in any car model. The cutting edge technology, along with the highly powered core, boosts the amplifier’s performance. This sound specialized Lanzar device has RCA connectors on-board, which not only ensures the secure connection but the distortion-free sound as well. Thus, if you are looking for bass boosted experience, the Lanzar car amplifier might be the ideal choice.

Smart Design:                                                                           

No need to waste your time and energy on the complex setups of factory in-built amplifiers. Here is the Lanzar Smart Amplifier, which features the monoblock technology and power protection LED indicator to know the operation status. A soft turn ON/OFF feature and a mono-channel design holds the fame for this amplifier.

RCA Jacks:

No need to use the splitter cords when joining the multiple amplifier system with each other! The line-out RCA JACKS will allow you to split the signals to build a more comfortable system overall. The line-out jacks will help you transmit the signals to the next amplifier.

  • 1 channel amp design
  • RCA connectors on-board
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Budget-friendly
  • No wireless remote

9. YaeCCC 8″ Under-seat Car Audio Bass Amplifier:

YaeCCC 8" Under-seat Car Audio Bass Amplifier
Key Specifications
RMS Power: 150W
Power: 480W Watts
Filter Crossover: 40Hz – 250 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms


Thin Design:

This small box-shaped amplifier is designed especially for a bass-boosted experience overall. The ultra-thin body comes with adequate space-saving dimensions giving you a winning combination to own this setup. The high-grade blanket design ensures the good absorbance and yields the minimized resonance for the sound.

Superior Quality MDF:

Never worry about the composition and the overall structure of the YaeCCC 8″ Car Audio amplifier! It has utilized premium MDF wood in manufacturing, ensuring you a long-lasting life but a vibration-free setup under your seat. Play even the bass boosted audio without any interference under the seat.

Low pass filter:

This best car amplifier for bass has a built-in low-pass filter having a frequency range of 40 to 250 Hz. Moreover, the noise values fall below the 90dB range.

  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency
  • Fabric design
  • Circuit reverse protection
  • Cheap quality

10. BOSS Audio Systems AR1500M Amplifier:

BOSS Audio Systems AR1500M Amplifier:
Key Specifications
Model: AR1500M
Power: 1500W Watts
Impedance: 2/4 Ohms
Channel: Single


Power the subwoofer:

The BOSS Audio System has come up with the AR1500M model bringing you the 1500Watts of power at 2 Ohms. You can alter the power performance like other amps for cars and yield a 750 watts power output at 4 Ohm. Thus, fire up your subwoofer with enough power to punch your car with deep bass.

Higher Level Inputs:

Speaker level inputs are being provided to setup this AR1500M with your factory radio setup; those have no RCA inputs. On the contrary, lower-level inputs are also part of this versatile amp device to connect the AR1500M with the source unit.

  • Low-pass cross over
  • Switchable bass boost
  • Remote Subwoofer Control
  • Not strippable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who makes the best car amplifier for bass?

A. Various brands/manufacturers are trying their luck to find their place in the amplifier market. Boss Audio System is found to be at the top of the list with their versatile and bass boosted BOSS Audio System R1100M Monoblock Amplifier device. 

Q. What are the best amplifiers for subwoofers?

A. There are various types of car amplifiers, as explained above. However, the Class A/B are considered best for most of the subwoofers for a top-notch and crisp quality sound.  

Q. Which amplifier hits harder 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm?

A. Lower the resistance, higher will be sound. Thus an amplifier with an impedance level of 2 Ohm will produce a louder and bass-boosted sound.


No matter whether you’re looking for a clear, crisp, or bass-boosted sound experience, the amplifier plays a significant role. Factory built-in amplifiers in your cars are not made to handle the higher bass impact. Thus an upgrade is a must! Keep your hands on the best car amp for bass as mentioned-above in this guide to make the best purchase!

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