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6 Best Dynamat alternatives for sound deadening your car cheaply

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a peaceful ride when listening to music, radio, podcasts, and cruise on the road! But wait! Is your car really soundproofed to enjoy every low and high frequency? If the answer is No, worry not. We’ve got you the solution as always.

Many of you might have an idea about the Dynamat is one of the best sound deadening mat that comes with outstanding quality, and so is the price! Thus, many car enthusiasts are found looking for the best Dynamat alternative capable of doing the same soundproofing but at a better price.

Though the Dynamat brand has maintained a dominant position in the car’s acoustic solution market, there are many more alternatives that have come a long way to challenge its prominence with their utmost high-grade quality and be the best sound-deadening materials. But before we jump onto the list of best Dynamat alternatives 2021, few considerations must be kept in mind to arrive at a better deal and make an investment that is entirely worth it!

What to look for when buying the best Dynamat Alternatives?

Since Dynamat is one of the best sound deadening solution for cars; you must not settle down on anything less qualitative. Here are some quick tips to follow to help you arrive at the best decision and choose the best budget Dynamat alternative, enabling you to get a more desirable replacement.

Quick tips to follow while choosing the best Dynamat alternative:

Right Thickness: 

Make sure to buy the sound-deadening material with serves you with a suitable thickness inside. One of the universal rules implies here, the thicker the material, the better in absorbing sound! Thus, the most optimum thickness falls in the range of 80 to 90 mil, serving as an ideal choice for all types of external noises.

Car Type/Coverage Area:

The next thing you must keep in mind before buying the sound-deadening mat is the coverage area. The coverage area corresponds directly to the car type as each car’s inner unit has its dimensions and space. The amount also depends on the level of soundproofing you want as you’ll use more of the material, which cost you much higher.

Heat Resistance/ Thermal Insulation:

Sound deadening materials like Dynamat are not just acoustic solutions but also serve you as better thermal insulation. However, this feature is unnecessary, but having them in your Dynamat alternatives is always a plus!

Comparison Chart:

Brand Thickness Material Square Feet What’s Unique Buy now
Noico80 milButyl Rubber36 sqft.1.5 Times Thicker Check Price
Kilmat80 milButyl Rubber36 sqft.Super-Strong Adhesion Check Price
Siless50 milclosed-cell Polyethylene foam52 sqft.Newly invented Bmastic technology Check Price
Second SkinUp to 5mmViscoelastic1 Gallon (liquid form)Water-Based Viscoelastic Vibration Damper Check Price
FatMat80 milAluminum coat25 Sqft.Rattletrap Sound Deadener Check Price
Mfm1.15 mmAsphalt based (Aluminum coat)6 in. x 33.5 FtLong-Lasting and Durable Check Price

6 Best Dynamat alternatives 2021

Our experts have hand picked the best Dynamat alternatives for you. Chose the one that suits your vehicle.

1. Noico 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Mat– Best Overall Dynamat Alternative:

Noico 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Mat - 6 Best Dynamat alternatives


Cots Effective:

One of the primary reasons why we’re looking for the best Dynamat alternative is the cost! Thus, Noico is the best overall choice due to being much cost-friendly and improved material thickness. Therefore, you’ll not just have a cost-effective but improved soundproofing solution for your car’s inner unit. The brand claims to be 20% less pricey as compared to other competitors.

1.5 Times Thicker:

Apart from the low price, the Noico Mat is 1.5 times thicker than the other ones in the market, and that’s one reason why it tops our list of best Dynamat alternatives. Noico has an 80 mil thickness, which is considered ideal for optimal soundproofing as per the automotive experts.

Self-Adhesion and Lightweight:

Not just the thickness but a cost-saving formula for Noico Mat is the self-adhesion property. The mat has butyl as the primary raw material enabling it to be lightweight and offers the maximum sound insulation in 0.7 lbs. per square foot.

Easy Installation:

Noico 80 mil has an impressive property that it serves as an indicator of its effectiveness. Special embossing on the foil must be rolled to get a superior adhesion and full soundproofing. Once done, you can safely close the car’s unit without worrying about the sound insulating mat’s efficiency. Moreover, what serves best is the Noico’s handy-sized sheets, which make the whole process much more comfortable and smoother using the roller- which is even the best Dynamat roller alternative in the market.

  • 80 mil thickness
  • Better soundproofing and dampening
  • Butyl raw material
  • Easy to install
  • Rollers need to be bought separately

2. Kilmat 80 mil 36 Sqft. Car Sound Deadening– Best Runner-up Dynamat Alternative:

Kilmat 80 mil 36 Sqft. Car Sound Deadening


Effective Thickness:

Among plenty of choices, the best runner-up for us is the Kilmat Car Dynamat sound alternative deadening mat! One of the primary reasons for this is the 80 mil thickness and a better sound-absorbing capacity than others. Like Noico, this soundproofing mat has 36 square feet of coverage area enabling you to insulate most of the car’s desired unit. Hence, all in all, you’ll get the best budget sound insulation and sound dampening than Dynamat in terms of Kilmat 80 mil!

Diverse Usage:

Outclass in terms of versatility, and this Kilmat Sound Deadening Mat has overcome the automotive industry in its sole purpose. This mat can be an outstanding choice in insulating the car, truck, or vehicle from the vibrations, rattling, and noises. Hence, the versatility lies both in usage and functionality, making it an ideal Dynamat alternative.

Super-Strong Adhesion:

One of the noticeable features that makes it the car user’s ultimate choice is the super-strong adhesion. As per the automotive experts, the bonding saves time and money in applying the sound deadening mat but makes it a heat-resistant layer overall. Hence, not only the external noise but heat can be insulated using the Kilmat!


That’s one of the reasons why Kilmat has outclassed many of its competitors and getting fame in the automotive acoustic solution industry. It costs just $1.6 per square foot, which is way less than the expensive Dynamat.

  • Installation indicator
  • Super strong adhesion
  • Heat resistant mat
  • Butyl rubber smell on heating

3. Siless Black 50 Mil Sound Deadening Mat– Best 50 mil Dynamat alternative:

Siless Black 50 Mil Sound Deadening Mat - 6 Best Dynamat alternatives


Extreme Performance:

Specially designed for the automotive acoustic solution industry, these Siless Sound Deadening Mats are of ultimate quality. Every car enthusiast will love applying these sound dampening materials capable of bearing the heat and absorbing any sound.

Excelling Technology:

Siless VIBRO has an immensely advanced formulation named Bmastic Technology, which is of ultimate usage and sound dampening useful for any vehicle type.

Peel and Place:

Siless has listened to the customer’s needs and come up with a solution to every problem. One such noteworthy attribute that has immensely changed the way of applying the soundproofing mats is “Peel and Apply”! There will be no messy adhesion and sprays all around to keep the mats in place. Also, no expensive rollers are needed to apply, and all you need to ensure is the perfect fitting size and adequate adhesion in the end.

Excellent Market Value:

Dynamat is receiving less response from the market simply because of the higher costs! Once again, Siless has come into the ground to tackle the situation. It serves all the automotive industry with the lowest $1.53 square feet price, enabling you to have a cost-effective solution to external sound.

  • Less costly
  • Peel and place installation
  • Best suited for the automotive industry.
  • Bmastic technology
  • A little thin material
  • Not great for all sound types

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4. Second Skin Audio Spectrum– Best Spray Dynamat Alternative:

Second Skin Audio Spectrum


No Vibrations- No noise:

You might have come across various Dynamat sound deadening alternatives, but the latest technology to dampen the vibrations is the Spray coating. This Second Skin Audio Spectrum Spray is explicitly designed to adhere to the metal surface, and the viscoelastic polymer is tested to dampen the vibration effectively. Thus, no vibrations lead to no noise in turn.

Better Thermal Insulation:

Apart from being effective in sound insulation, one significant advantage of applying this spray coat is the thermal insulation. The car’s internal unit will be secured from the external heat and cold in all vehicle types.

Versatile Applications:

The second spectrum has come up with a solution that is not limited to a single automotive industry but various others! Yes, the second spectrum liquid spray is used worldwide to dampen the vibrations in subwoofer boxes, warehouse carts, and HVAC.

Perfect for Every Part:

You must be wondering why you would opt for the liquid spray rather than the Dynamat sound alternative deadening mats! The answer to this question corresponds to another advantage of this second spectrum. There are many parts in the automobiles or other machinery which are hard to reach and are not effectively insulated via the mats. Thus, the liquid spray coat from the Second Spectrum serves the purpose!

Easy Installation:

The Second Spectrum is an ideal Dynamat alternative due to easy installation. The spray is temperature rated, which can bear heat up to 450F; thus, you can apply it even on the firewalls. A paintbrush is helpful in applying the spray coat. The manufacture suggests 2-3 layers having 3mm of thickness.

  • Ideal 3 mm thickness
  • Serves as thermal insulation as well
  • Can bear temperature up to 400F
  • Wide applications
  • Long preparation time

5.FatMat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener:

FatMat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener 6 Best Dynamat alternatives


Installation Kit:

One significant cost-cutting and convenience for the customers is the installation kit that comes with the FatMat Sound Deadener. Apart from the mats, the FatMat package comes with the instructional manual, roller, and the knife to cut, peel, and apply effectively; the FatMat roller can also serve as a Dynamat roller alternative. Moreover, the package includes a Set of Five 18 inch wide x 40 inch long Sheets. 

Boosts the Music:

Aren’t you’ll be irritated due to the external noise and vibrations while listening to your favorite music tracks? If so, FatMat proudly announces the sound dampening mats, which are considered the vibrational damper. Yes, you hear it right! These will reduce the vibrations and boost the bass of music inside the car.

Heat Resistant:

Apart from the sound insulation, heat resistance must be a part! Thus, FatMat will never disappoint the users and offer the best cost-cutting formula by which you don’t need to spend dollars on the heat insulation. Thanks to the Aluminum coating and strong adhesion of the FatMat!

  • Self-adhesive Rattletrap sheets
  • Super-sticky adhesion
  • 80 mil thickness
  • Perfect for dB drag racing
  • Sharp aluminum edges

6. MFM Peel and Seal– Best Dynamat Alternative Lowes:

MFM Peel and Seal


Perfect Adherence:

MFM Peel and Seal is found effective against all types of vehicles in terms of adhesion and effectiveness. Moreover, it is considered as the cheap Dynamat alternative. One significant and noticeable feature for Mfm Peel and Seal is its no-peel edges, which means the sound deadening layer can survive years without coming off. Moreover, to gain the perfect insulation, double-layering is suggested by the manufacturer.

Long-Lasting and Durable:

Thanks to the Aluminum coat, which gives the Peel and Seal an effective and more retained functionality. The MFM seals are found perfect for waterproofing as well, which has applications in multiple industries, especially roofing and automotive acoustics. Apart from the durability, it is one of the cheap Dynamat alternatives in terms of cost.

Available Everywhere:

Apart from being cheap Dynamat alternative, one significant advantage of Mfm Peel and Seal is its availability. It is accessible at major home improvement centers and stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and the online platform Amazon.

  • Easy to install
  • 100% UV stable
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Self-adhesive
  • Customer complains about not being waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What can you use instead of Dynamat?

There are plenty of options available in the market. Our experts have come up with the six best Dynamat Alternatives 2021, which serve the same purpose at less cost. You can opt for the Noico, KilMat, Mfm Peel and Seal, FatMat, Siless, and Second Skin sound-deadening materials.

Q. Is Peel and Seal a good Dynamat alternative?

Peel and Seal is considered the cheap Dyanamat Alternative is serving the same sound dampening purpose at the low price of $33 per bundle. Peel and Seal is a perfect combination of Asphalt raw material and Aluminum coating for sound and thermal insulation.

Q. What is the best Automotive Dynamat sound alternative deadening material?

After Dynamat, the best sound deadening material is the Noico 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Mat due to its 80 mil thickness (1.5 times more) and the extreme heat-bearing formulation.

Q. Where can you use the Dynamat alternatives?

In the automotive industry, you can use Dynamat alternatives in multiple sections of cars. You can apply at doors, rear deck, roofs, floors, and firewalls.

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