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Best Pedal Jacks to secure your Cars from thieves in 2022

Do you want to secure your cars from thieves? Then this best pedal jacks review is for you; indeed, it will make it easier to make the right deal for your loved car. 

Assuredly, cars aren’t too easy to steal, but, unfortunately, this happens on a mass level. Further, several new technologies make the stealing process easier and convenient for the thieves. However, it doesn’t remain too challenging to keep the car far away from the thief’s approach in the modern world. Only the best pedal jacks will solve the problem and ensure you that your vehicle will remain secure even in long-hour parking. The pedal jack will make it impossible and several folds difficult for the thieves to steal your car just by locking the steering wheel to the brake pedal effectively. So having in your car means enhances security to its maximum level.

Moreover, by keeping this need in mind, several reputed brands are offering their services, so finding the right pedal jack anti-theft lock becomes a little bit challenging. Therefore, to remove your confusion and keep you away from detailed headache research, we took the top eight pedal jack review for you; hopefully, this will make the decision easier, and you’ll be able to make the right deal on time.

8 Best Pedal Jacks in 2022

Amazon Choice
The Club CL606 Brake Lock
The Club CL606 Brake Lock
  • Universal fit
  • Self-locking property
  • Fits brake pedals up to 9/16 inches wide
  • Tempered steel
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Best Value
Blueshyhall Universal Pedal Lock
Blueshyhall Universal Pedal Lock
  • Highly resistive against cutting and hammering
  • Tempered steel
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Top Pick
Car locks anti-theft clutch throttle brake lock
Car locks anti-theft clutch throttle brake lock
  • Stainless Steel
  • Up to 83mm or 34-inches
  • Super easy to unlock
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Best Value
Car code lock, Car Anti-Theft Device
Car code lock, Car Anti-Theft Device
  • Steel
  • 78cm steering wheel lock
  • Maximum security
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Blueshyhall Security Clutch Pedal Lock Blueshyhall Security Clutch Pedal Lock
  • Steel / Metal
  • 1.5 inches
  • 8 built-in holes and convenient key features
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Fairly Odd Treasures Steering Wheel Brake Pedal Lock Fairly Odd Treasures Steering Wheel Brake Pedal Lock
  • Rubber
  • 27.5 inches
  • Rubberized coating
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Vechkom Brake Pedal Lock Anti Theft Clutch Lock Vechkom Brake Pedal Lock Anti Theft Clutch Lock
  • Stainless steel
  • 78.5cm or 22.6-inches
  • Double hook adjustable
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Wisamic Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock Wisamic Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock
  • Alloy steel and aluminium
  • 2.7-inches
  • Easy to mount
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1- The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device:

Key Specifications:

BrandWinner International  
ColourBright red finishing  
MaterialTempered steel  
Item Weight4.3 pounds  

Key Features:

  • Its making consists of robust and tempered steel construction that stood in the most durable pedal jacks.
  • You may lock your cars, vans, or even trucks with this pedal jack anti-theft device, as it is a universal fit.
  • The self-locking property lets you lock your vehicle in just one pull, so no difficulty has to suffer while closing.
  • The Club CL606 has a vivid red finishing that increases its visibility to the maximum level.
  • The vehicle isn’t capable of slightly moving after its attachment to the steering wheel and the clutch.

The Club CL606 is an original and patented vehicle lock for locking securely, and it’s a best-selling device in the market. Complete visibility with the patent red colour finishing alerts you against any latent thief and ensures that your car is under full protection. Plus, it’s designed so ergonomically that its attachment doesn’t hit or pressed your brake.

It makes your vehicle impossible to drive or move with this super-strong anti-thief lock. The total weight it carries is 4.3 pounds, and it is locked efficiently by extending from the steering wheel to the pedal’s backs. So only keys will unlock it and secure your vehicle even you are far from it for long hours.

Its size is recommendable for vehicles that hold 9/16 inches wide pedal and steering gape between them. And lastly, you can use it simply as just with one pull; it attaches the wheel to the car brakes or clutch pedal and saves your time.

  • Ease of use
  • Only one pull
  • Easy on brake or clutch
  • Vivid red finishing
  • Best-selling device
  • It isn’t perfect for thick brake pedals.

2- Blueshyhall Universal Pedal Lock Anti-Theft Brake Lock:

ColourSilver with the dark blue upper hook  
MaterialTempered steel  
Item Weight4.11 pounds  

Key Features:

  • The Blueshyhall anti-theft pedal lock has a robust design that locks the wheel with the clutch or brake effortlessly.
  • The lock has a steel construction that making it high resistive against hammering and cutting by the thief.
  • The adjustable length of the lock provides its maximum useability, so it’s a perfect match for several types of vehicles.
  • The three-section locking ranges are adjustable, making it possible to alter the length depending on the brake and wheel distance.
  • You may use it for AT or MT, and its an easy-to-fit pedal jack; having it means saving time overlocking and securing vehicles in a rush or unknown places.

Highly durable as construction hold hardened steel composition, making it the most reliable lock. Besides, it has a double lock system; the upper part locks the vehicle steering wheel, and the lower part is for locking the brake or clutch. The vivid black finishing of the upper wheel lock provides you with a powerful visual warning against any potential threat and protects the vehicle.

Almost the size with three different setting adjustments fits every dimension of the car to use for traditional and modern vehicles. The silver colour looks to match it well-suitable with most cars steering wheels, so attaching them isn’t awkward.  

Moreover, it holds a spinning style; in case of any illegal touch, the lock starts spinning itself and warns the owner to have a look at it. Another excellent part of this lock that stood it in the best pedal jacks list is its duplicate key feature, so you will easily manage with the second key in case of the first misplacement. 

  • Durably constructed
  • Fit for all cars
  • Spinning style
  • Duplicate keys
  • Robust design
  • Too hardened that the pedal side may depress

3- Car locks anti-theft clutch throttle brake lock:

MaterialStainless Steel  
Item Weight3.49 pounds  

Key Features:

  • Carlock anti-theft seemingly consists of metal, so it’s a bit heavy lock; however, it’s entirely maneuverable.
  • The lock key works smoothly, and it locks and unlocks the device without putting pressure on the steering wheel and the brake.
  • It’s super easy to open within a second, and it comes with multiple keys, so no worries of losing or misplacement of the key.
  • The lock can resist harsh sawing, voyeurism, and Freon due to Class-B construction that involved high-quality steel and aluminum alloy with the metal composition.
  • Lastly, it’s ultra-convenient to set and remove, so having it means putting no additional effort while locking or unlocking the vehicle.

High-quality steel, aluminium, and metal construction make it ultra-durable the resist-able against hammering and other attacking actions. Besides, the coded lock type protects the vehicle against professional thieves, and its powerful visual impact prevents the car excellently.

This easy-to-use pedal jack comes with three 1.3 kg of total weight, and it has a cylinder lock type that enables quick attachments. You can use it to any of your car models as it’s a universal lock even it fit with bus, trucks or other oversized vehicles.

It is effortless to set; you have only to place its upper black part to the steering wheel and the lower part to the clutch or brake. Then remove the key from it and tightens both parts. Your vehicle is locked up, and now you feel secure wherever you are or how far you are from it.

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality construction
  • Cylinder lock type
  • Quick attachments
  • Multiple keys feature
  • Rusts issues claimed by some consumers

4- Car code lock, Car Anti-Theft Device:

Item Weight4.3 pounds  

Key Features:

  • Car code lock is designed efficiently to effortlessly lock your car’s steering vehicle to the clutch or brake pedal.
  • It consists of durable construction that holds rigid steel composition, providing ultra-resistance against attacking acts.
  • The adjustable length feature of this car pedal lock makes it a perfect fit for different cars models.
  • Itself or automatic locking property saves your time and able you to lock it with ease.
  • Offering by a reputational brand with a great warranty of lock durability and the car isn’t stolen at any cost.

Car code lock has steel manufacturing that ensures its durability and reliability, so users buy it confidently. It provides you with a supreme level of security with its adjustable length and enables you to use it on different vehicles.

It doesn’t even give a single chance to the thief to try it on and unlock it and warns you in no time. Besides, the solid body of the lock isn’t let any easy hammer attack break it. Moreover, it’s easy to install and calmly use the anti-thief device. It’s the best solution to keeping cars safe near the house or parking places.

The lock works smoothly, and the red and black color makes it a more visual deterrent and visible. Overall, it’s a heavy-duty, high-quality pedal jack that gives it the best of best. Further, you can use it in colder climates without any fear of jamming.

  • Automatic locking and unlocking
  • A warranty device
  • Hardened steel manufacturing
  • Highly durable
  • Applicable for all car models
  • It quickly opened with a small nail punch

5- Blueshyhall Security Clutch Pedal Lock Anti-Theft Lock:

MaterialMetal finish  
Item Weight2.22 pounds  

Key features:

  • Blueshyhall security lock design consists of 8 built-in holes that making it a perfect match for various foot heights models.
  • The universal fit lock type makes it applicable for various car models, trucks, and even vans.
  • It’s very flexible, so you can easily maneuver it and set it according to the desired or required position easily.
  • These convenient keys let you use it confidently, as, in case of misplacement of any key, you have the option of a second one.
  • No lock jamming even in severely cold weather, so lock your cars randomly any of your tourist sites and enjoy with your family.

Move to the detailing feature; you’ll find it the best one from all other traditional locks types, as it holds several premium features that stood it on the list of best pedal jacks of 2022. Firstly, its parallel structure lets you quickly locking and unlocking the vehicle. The size is medium, not too big, and not too small, so a perfect fit for any car model.

The metal-finish outlook seems to how durable it is and provides you high-level security. The device is self-locked fittingly by just ratcheting it, and you haven’t to worry more. The chief structure and overall lock body are pretty solid, so not hitting or attacking leads to unlocking endures you how safe your vehicle is even in unknown or less-security places.

  • Solid steel construction
  • Three keys property
  • Easy locking and unlocking
  • High-level security
  • It fits with any car model
  • Only suitable for clutch lock, not with pedal

6- Fairly Odd Treasures Steering Wheel Brake Pedal Lock:

BrandFairly Odd Treasures  
Item Weight1.64 pounds  

Key Features:

  • Unlike other anti-thief locks, it is slightly different by holding a rubberized coating that protects the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • A quad-style locking mechanism adds more security and protects the device against picking issues.
  • One pull is enough to lock the car securely at any parking or nearby house; plus easy unlock mechanism saves your time.
  • This pedal jack’s adjustable and innovative design makes it a perfect fit for various cars and other vehicles.
  • The Fairly Odd holds one of the most accessible installing systems so that you can use it faster, and it took no time.

One of the easiest setups that the Fairly Odd Treasure car lock offers you is making security levels more manageable and faster in this modern era. An effortless inserting mechanism that unlocks your car safely without putting stress on the steering wheel and over the brake pedal. The rugged and robust material makes it too sturdy and durable that it almost becomes impossible for anyone to move the steering wheel.

Besides, two keys come with it; you may use another key in case of any misplacement or loss. Like other best models, it has contained a simple and relatively easy lock and unlocks mechanism so that you can do all this in no time. Thanks to its compatibility level, it offers you to use it with four different wheelers; plus, the 27.5 inches span ensures how easy it is to adjust it with any car model.

  • A versatile locker
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to install
  • Four-wheelers compatibility
  • Dual-protection
  • Size founded too small, so it isn’t perfect for large vehicles

7- Vechkom Brake Pedal Lock Anti-Theft Clutch Lock:

MaterialStainless steel  
Item Weight3.36 pounds  

Key Features:

  • It’s a double hook pedal jack vs. auto-lock that lessens the theft risk and strengthens the device’s grip over the vehicle.
  • The soft rubber handle of the lock avoids scratching while attaching and keeps the vehicle fix to its position.  
  • The red color impacts a powerful visual warning against potential thieves and keeps the car secure.
  • The sturdy body of the lock makes it the best safety lock and protects it from breaking even the attacking done with the heavy hammer.
  • You may use it as a self-defense device or weapon in case of any emergency and find a safe escape from the windows.

Vechkom Brake Pedal is a high-quality steel manufactured lock perfect for locking the steering wheel with both the brake pedal and clutch. Honestly, it’s ultra-safe as a total of forty to forty-five minutes must need for the thief to break it that almost no thief gets risk to try it.

Next, simple to operate and very convenient to lock, making it best for your vehicle. In dangerous situations, it serves as a protection weapon, and you may use it for defence. High-quality steel and premium aluminium let you locked even in attacking positions, such as hammering, Freon, or sawing attacks. 

Moreover, the vital body structure let it to withstand against severe weathering condition so that you can use it cold areas boldly. Further, the body enables you to cope against any attack, and it’s highly resistant to cuts. Lastly, it’s effortless to install; you have to insert the key in the lock, turn it on, adjust the lock length, and hook the clutch. Then put another hook to the steering wheel for locking it, remove the key.

  • Cut proof lock
  • Hard-steel composition
  • Robust design
  • Highly-safe
  • Simple to operate
  • Multi-functional
  • The alarm present on it worthless

8-Wisamic Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock:

ColourSilver with dark handles  
MaterialAlloy steel and aluminium  
Item Weight3.34 pounds  

Key Features:

  • Wisamic, like other best pedal jacks, offers your double protection by letting you lock the vehicle in two ways.
  • The universal lock ensures you it fits or applies all types of cars, so it’s the best suitable no matter which you have.
  • The lock cylinder retains a copper construction that makes it highly secure against different types of attacks.
  • Very easy and quickly installed within a matter of seconds, prevent your essential time.

Wisamic Universal holds many unique features that stood it apart from other traditional locks types and making it the best pedal jack anti-theft device for everyone. With the three flexible scales, the length is adjustable, and you may use it securely with both AT and MT. Besides, this anti-thief device has a long-term warranty due to its holding of aluminium alloy and round steel construction, making it ultra-durable.

In case of any emergency, you may use it as a safety hammer as it serves as a multipurpose product. In addition, the high-quality manufacturing adds double protections to your beloved ones and cars by protecting them from sudden thief attacks. Further, it’s a hammering, sawing, and Freon attacks resistance, so you’ll, or your vehicle remains to secure its a hundred per cent guarantee by the manufacturer.

  • Multipurpose device
  • Easy to mount
  • 2-in 1 lock
  • Double protection
  • Act as a safety hammer
  • Highly-resistive against attacks
  • The chrome plating layer of the lock starts peeling off.

Features to have in pedal jacks:

While buying or moving to purchase the best pedal jacks, you must look at these features. Especially in case you haven’t any prior knowledge about anti-theft devices. So let’s a quick overview of the essential elements to keep in mind.


It’s essential to consider this factor, especially if you are running your car daily multiple times. So choosing must be based on it, as in the case you’ll go for the pedal jacks that took 10 to 15 minutes in mounting, it’s become to wastage of time. Therefore, always pick the anti-theft lock that is capable of within a second mounting.

Exterior Material:

Always look for a sturdy material pedal jack’s body because only this will give ultimate security. Usually, the pedal jacks consist of hardened stainless steel construction that is lightweight but provides you ultra-level protection. Moreover, this material isn’t cut easily, and it’s highly resistive against hammering or other attacks.

Wheel Mount:

As the device has attached to the steering wheel, how easy it is mounted over the wheel means a lot. That answer you must know before buying. The best is to choose those pedal jacks that can grab both ends on the wheel steering as this will isn’t let a slight chance to the thief to try to unlock it.

Lock type:

Assuredly, the anti-theft devices keep the vehicle secure to its parked position, but the lock type matter a lot. Only look for a lock that has specific fits to its keys; this will let you feel free as no other key will unlock it at any cost.


In the end, it will all boil down to what pedal jacks you feel is best for your car. To help with this decision-making process, we have curated a list of reviews from some of the most popular brands in the market today. We hope that these top 8 best pedal jacks review and buyer’s guide has been helpful in deciding which pedal jack would suit you well enough as there are so many options out there! So don’t wait any longer—get yours now before they run out because who knows when they’ll be back on stock again?!

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