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Best top end kit for 350 Chevy – Detailed Buying Guide

Best top end kit for 350 Chevy is what the old engine of your vehicle needed to perform at an optimum level.

For a total engine rebuild, you’ve to replace Cylinder-Heads, Intake Manifold, Camshaft, Valves and many other parts. Also, it is complementary for smoothest performance that all these components manufactured with precise engineering and with good-quality composition.

But why to spend hours finding out the best components and parts which perfectly matches your engine requirement? When we’ve already done that work to take this load off your shoulders.

Surely, it is pretty hard for anyone to purchase every single part according to vehicle’s compatibility and then be sure about its quality as well.

Most probably, you might end up committing any blunder whether in terms of price or quality. But not anymore!

We’ve handpicked those SBC top end kits which are complete power solution of stellar performance that you want.

Don’t stop yourself from purchasing these kits just due to low budget-factor. In this review, we’ve added a smart budget option of Chevy 350 top end kit as well.

Quick Comparison Chart – Best Top End Kit for 350 Chevy

Budget Pick
Fits Chevy SBC
Fits Chevy SBC

Material:  Aluminium

Finish: Natural

Lock Style: 7 Degree

Intake Manifold: Yes

Camshaft:  No

Warranty:  12 Months

Top Pick
Edelbrock 2038 Power Package
Edelbrock 2038 Power Package

Material:  Aluminium

Finish: Satin

Lock Style: 7 Degree

Intake Manifold: Yes

Camshaft:  Yes

Warranty:  12 Months

Best Value
Edelbrock EDL-2022
Edelbrock EDL-2022

Material:  Aluminium

Finish: Natural

Lock Style: 7 Degree

Intake Manifold: Yes

Camshaft:  Yes

Warranty:  12 Months

Major Reasons of Buying SBC top end kits

  • Wear Our Engine Bearings
  • Poorly Seating Piston Rings
  • Improper Schedule of Maintenance

Few Alarming Indications

  • Knocking
  • Excessive White Smoke
  • Increased Oil Consumption

1- Edelbrock 2038 Power Package

Best top end kit for 350 Chevy
Key Specifications
Oiling Style: Through pushrod
Intake Material: Aluminum
Carburettor Flange: Square bore
Spark Plug Style: Straight
Warranty 12 Months


These performance-proven kits include all you need to top off your Chevy. In terms of performance, this kit is considered as the best top end kit for 350 Chevy due to its all-in-one-box convenience and excellent performance. 

As for its horsepower, it offers more horsepower as compared to Edelbrock EDL-2022. There’s very few difference between Ebelbrock EDL-2022 and Ebelbrock EDL-2038. This horsepower beast delivers seat-of-the-pants performance along with a broad torque curve.

Key Components & Features

·       Edelbrock Cylinder Head – Head Gasket Set

Manufacturers have crafted it in a way to works altogether with other parts quite efficiently. It is made up of A365 Aluminum which makes it, even more, stronger and power-performing. The lower Flow velocity of an engine results in friction and annoying noise from the pipes. This cylinder head also good at improving the flow velocity after the installation.

Its Head Gasket Set works to provide excellent sealing properties between Cylinder Head and Engine Block. Through this sealing action, it ensures the prevention of fluid from entering other parts of within the engine.

Edelbrock Intake Manifold

It helps the engine in internal combustion by its fair air supply. Manufacturers have also tuned it for peak torque for a 350 Chevy Engine.

Link Timing Chain Set

This set is responsible for providing a stable connection between crankshaft and camshaft. With this connection, both the halves rotate steadily and smoothly.

Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit

Edelbrock 2038 comes with a different camshaft design as compare to Edelbrock 2022. It controls the idling of the car by offering great and balanced torque. This camshaft kit works equally well with carburetor and made to use as fuel injection as well.

  • The best combination of dyno-proven component
  • Affordable cost
  • Straight spark plug Design
  • It also has timing chains, lifters, and gasket
  • A complete power package
  • It doesn’t come with Valve covers

2- Edelbrock EDL-2022 Street Power Package

Edelbrock EDL-2022 - Best Top End Kit For 350 Chevy
Key Specifications
Fuel Delivery: Carbureted
Small-Block Chevy V-8
Exhaust runner volume: 60 cc
Warranty: 12 Months
Cylinder Head Port Shape: Rectangular


Edelbrock EDL-2022 is designed to perfectly fit 1957-87 Chevy V8 Engines. This kit is capable of providing a complete new life to your engine without breaking your bank.

Specifically, it is manufacture to fulfil the requirements of street performance enthusiasts. Therefore, it includes all necessary component which contributes to driving your Chevy engine to maximum output. Furthermore, the design of every component is made up of precise engineering thus a best all-round performance is guaranteed.

Key Features & Components

A complete Package

The kit comes with every component that is needed for high-end performance. You will not have to face the hassle while selecting the right and original parts.

Affordable Price Tag

A right price for the right deal. In terms of quality of components, this kit is priced very reasonably and surely will get you superior value for money.

Edelbrock Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold plays an important role in the engine combustion process and also ensures the evenly distribution of air. This component is specifically manufactured for 1986 vehicle and offers decent drivability.

E-Street Cylinder Heads Plus Edelbrock Head Gasket

Manufactures use A356 Aluminum casting in Cylinder Head’s composition to make it a reliable component for a longer run. It works efficiently with different components such as with Intake Manifold, Carburetor and other.

The head gasket which is located between the cylinder head and the engine block is meant to provide the separation between different engine fluids.

Link Timing Chain Set

Timing chain set is responsible for both closing and opening of intake as well as exhaust valves within an engine. It serves as a link between crankshaft and camshaft.

Some Other Components

Some other important components for the perfect functioning of Chevy 350 are Pushrods, Head Bolt Kit and Gasket kit are also included.

  • Delivers High-End Performance
  • Every Component is made up of superior quality
  • Dual Plane Intake Design
  • 7-degree lock style
  • Edelbrock Intake Manifold creates extra power for small block
  • Not Ideal beyond 5500 rpm.

3- Fits Chevy SBC Top End Engine Combo Kit

Best top end kit for 350 Chevy- Fits Chevy SBC Top End Engine Combo Kit
Key Specifications
Fully assembled PCE cylinder heads
Oiling Style: Through pushrod
Lock Style: 10 degree
Valve Springs Included: Yes
Fuel Delivery Style: Carbureted
Intake Material: Aluminum
Intake Finish: Natural

Key Features & Components

Intake Manifold

This kit contains a well-designed Manifold which belongs to a special version of the series. To produce more power and torque, manufacturers did a change in its design and now it has an open area under the chamber. Actually, this change helps the engine in significantly lowering down the temperature of intaking air/fuel.

Intake Manifold Gasket

In order to resist gasoline and alcohol, it comes with a base material which is composed of non-metallic and rubber-fibre material. One of its unique quality is the Printoseal construction which adds into its sealing power.

Rollers Rockers

Its high-performing Rollers Rockers feature accurate valve operation, a noticeable increase into its horsepower, and also enhances the valve train life.

  • Fully assembled PCE cylinder heads
  • Intake manifold
  • Valve covers
  • Intake manifold gaskets
  • Roller rockers
  • It doesn’t come with camshaft

Important Aspects to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Do you really want to get the best value for your hard-earned money? Then it is crucial to bear below-mentioned points in mind, before purchasing a Chevy 350 top end kit.

Budget Factor

The budget does play a decisive role in any sale. We, ourselves analyze these kit and compare the pricing of each component separately. It’s better if you do some research on what you’re buying. If you purchase all of these parts one-by-one, then most probably you’ve to be ready for spending a few extra hundred dollars. But, going with the right kit, can rather save a handful amount of money for you.

Due to this budget factor, we’ve included different choices such as best-value kit and budget kit. Even the budget deal isn’t going to disappoint and make you feel regret at any moment.

Observe Your Engine Closely

So you’ve decided to replace your older engine with a brand-new kit to restore the optimal level functioning of your engine. Before that, I’ll suggest you disassemble all of the related parts of the engine and observe them closely. Actually, it will pretty helpful for figuring out the worn-out or outdated parts separately.

Availability of Repairing Tools

It is also important to have all the necessary repairing tools in hand before replacing the kit. Whether you can borrow these tools or simply purchase all of them. But, if you want a mechanic to complete this action then, still it is better if you’ve basis kit of repairing tool.

Intake Manifold

The prime reason for brilliant performance also made possible with the help of intake manifold. Its job is to evenly distribute the air supply to all four cylinders.

Gasket Kit

Engine leaks can cause major problems to the engine, but the gasket kit is there to provide sealing properties at different engine components. A gasket kit should also be a part of SBC top end kit.

Timing Chain

Timing chain set should be a complementary part of every SBC performance kit due to its great value. It plays a significant role in overall engine movement by providing a smooth connection between both halves.

Best Top End Kit for 350 Chevy – Conclusion:

The market is flooded with many options with a variety of different components. We tried to minimize those options and share the best top-end kit for 350 Chevy with you. In addition to it, we’ve also breakdown these three choices in the following categories.


Not everything is perfect, but this SBC top end kit is close to perfection. It comes with every necessary part and most importantly, its pricing is really affordable.


Our tested and proven kit for an absolute solution of your car optimal performance. The unit comes in well-packaging and belongs to reputed manufacturers having years of expertise in the automotive industry.


This superior quality kit comes with all the parts which are urgently needed by your vehicle. With every ride, you will feel the smoothest and powerful engine performance.

By the end of this unbiased review and in-detail buying guide, we expect that now you’re eager to make a wise choice. But still, you need any assistance, get in touch with our team through the comment section.

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