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The 7 Best under Seat Subwoofer for Your Car (2022)

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Every car owner wishes to enjoy their driving with decent, well-balanced, or with punchy bass music. Such high-graded bass isn’t the thing, you can expect from an ordinary subwoofer. An absolute powerhouse like best under seat subwoofer is required for such extra-ordinary performance. Apart from such performance, limited space is another crucial aspect that mostly car owner keeps in mind while choosing the subwoofer. So that’s mean, a smartly engineered acoustic equipment with stellar performance is what your ideal choice is.

If you also want to upgrade the acoustic system of your car and wondering for ideal choice, then you’ve to be extra vigilant. Also, it requires you to invest considerable time to find out best under seat subwoofer. Otherwise, it can turn out to be nothing but the wastage of money.

But, with our detailed review, we’ve minimized your efforts and narrowed down tons of choices. This post brought our 8 best under seat subwoofer picks and will enlighten some important aspect of buying guide.

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Top Pick

JBL BassPro SL – JBL 8″

Best under Seat Subwoofer

With 8″ shallow-profile woofer delivers, you’ll get precise bass production, exceptional tuning ability, high-end build quality, and much more!

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Our Top 4 Picks for best Under Seat Subwoofers

  Product  Design                     Best Use forCheck Price on Amazon
JBL-BassPro-SL---JBL-8"    -Best Overall -Best for Beginners   Check Price
Kicker-11HS8-8"Best Compact Subwoofer Check Price
Kenwood-KSC-SW11- Best Durable Subwoofer   Check Price
 -Kenwood- KSC-PSW8  Powerful Amplifier Check Price
Infinity BassLink
SM 8"
Infinity-BassLink-SM-8"  Best Value for Money Check Price

7 Best Under Seat SubWoofers for your Car

Here is the list and reviews of the best under seat subwoofers available in the market.

1- JBL BassPro SL – JBL 8″

JBL BassPro SL - JBL 8" - best under seat sub woofer
Key Features
Speaker and line-level inputs
8″ shallow-profile woofer
Amplified subwoofer
frequency response: 35-120 Hz
warranty: 1 year

JBL has introduced yet another a serious contender among the list of best underseat subwoofers. Let’s have a look at what this 8-inch subwoofer has to offer.

As per my experience with this sound beast, it fulfilled all of my expectations. It can add a powerful bass into your car’s infotainment system without acquiring a lot of space. This 8-inch subwoofer comes with versatility to connect with both aftermarkets installed and manufacturer’s installed systems.

It is a fact that every subwoofer is designed to be compact but seriously, JBL BassPro SL takes the lead especially when it comes to durability. Also, its practical design is even more favorable as it can fit underneath any seat without any hassle.

Another great benefit of this is the ease-of-control over the sound setting. Customize the setting as per your preferences much conveniently. 6 control buttons located at the side-panel which offers you to fine-tune the subwoofers quite easily. But there is only a single thing to the complaint. And that is the absence of a remote and you’ve to spend a few more dollars to purchase it.

As compared to other subwoofers, it delivers a powerful sound experience. This pick of our might be pricey for sure, but honestly, it provides full value to money performance

When we look at its overall performance, it is the subwoofer that you can recommend to your friends. One of the finest performers exist in the market, can make a significant difference in your listening experience.

If high-end performance is your preference but the budget isn’t the concern, then this one is the right choice for you.

  • Compact subwoofer enclosure
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Can deliver deep-bass
  • Remote doesn’t include into the packaging

With 8″ shallow-profile woofer delivers, you’ll get precise bass production, exceptional tuning ability, high-end build quality, and much more!

2- Kenwood KSC-PSW8

Kenwood KSC-PSW8- best under seat subwoofer
Kenwood KSC-PSW8- best under seat subwoofer
Key Features
Maximum Power Output: 250w
Aluminum Die-Cast Frame
Wired Remote
frequency response: 35-150 Hz
Auto Signal Sensing Power Control

At first, you might assume it as an average performer due to its smaller size. But, this little powerhouse is equipped with all such equipment that can bring a mind-blowing experience. The vacant spaces where you can’t think to set a subwoofer in your car can be used for Kenwood KSC-PSW8.

This little fellow made up of die-cast material which makes it incredibly compact subwoofers. Durable and Sturdy enclosure can make it your music partner for the long haul. One thing is sure, after installation, this best underseat subwoofer is not going anywhere for the next few years.

Its Wired remote is compact in design and very-to-use. While listening to music, you can fine-tune the music setting and tailor it according to your requirement. Even, while driving you don’t need to divert your attention for getting its access.  Adjust the sound for balance, precise and punchy bass with the help of its cut-off frequency and phase controls.

To make the installation easier, the box of Kenwood KSC-PSW8 includes all necessary wiring cables. With our testing, we can say that Low-level wiring seems to be a good option in terms of getting you the stellar performance.

As for its performance, you can expect a detailed and powerful bass sound from Kenwood KSC-PSW8. Kenwood has a maximum output of 250 watts at a much smaller area. This greater power output made possible with the help of D-class amplification, so, in the end, it will get you only but the immersive sound experience.

  • Compact and Durable Option
  • Solid Bass Production
  • Can be perfectly fit anywhere
  • Not any major drawback

Infinity BassLink SM 8"

Key Features
• Ultra-compact design
• Powered subwoofer with heavy-grade enclosure
• Shallow-profile subwoofer driver
• frequency response: 35-120 Hz
• Efficient Class D amplifier
• 125 Watts RMS

Get your hands on one of the best performing subwoofers that exist in the whole market. Infinity basslink SM shares many similarities with JBL BassPro SL, and only the color is a prominent difference among them. So, let’s take a look at what features it has for you.

Kudos to the manufacturers of Infinity, who’ve engineered such a compact underseat subwoofer. Unlike most of the competitors, Infinity BassLink SM comes in compelling silver casing colour. I figured out its sound performance both with car stereo and without it, and it creates a noticeable difference into your car audio system.

The overall sound performance is tight and accurate with good bass. But, at max volume, it got a little rough but not too much. Infinity BassLink SM 8″ can supplement a powerful bass into your car acoustic performance.

So as for its power handling ability, it can easily handle 125W RMS. I’ve tested a number of brands but the thing which makes a difference between Infinity and other brand is components quality. Both its enclosure and the built-in amp is specifically made to integrate with a subwoofer, so this is a real plus.

In addition to it, Infinity BassLink SM 8″ offers exceptional tuning ability and you can dial it according to a specific need. A separate input port is available through which you can connect the remote with subwoofers. But, you’ll not get a remote with its packaging.

Infinity BassLink SM is among the serious contender for best under seat subwoofers and many people are already loving it due to its impeccable performance. Uniqueness is another edge of it, and this can enhance the interior appearance of your vehicle.

  • Appealing look due to its silver casing
  • Detailed and balanced acoustic performance that everybody likes
  • Wide-options for its fine-tuning
  • Remote isn’t included with it

4- Rockville RW10CA

Rockville RW10CA- best under seat subwoofer
Key Features
High-level Inputs
Overload Protection Circuit
Subwoofer Level Remote Control
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 150Hz
Adjustable Input Sensitivity

Rockville RW10CA has a slim design, comes in a black and blue color scheme which increases its sleek visual appeal. The space-saving design can be perfectly fit underneath your car seat. Another plus of its design is the quick and easy installation and this can be done in just a few minutes. You will feel a good engineering sense as both inputs and outputs in the design are located at one side.

This 800-watt car subwoofer ensures a powerful power delivery for the perfect sound. You’ll get both the better and extra-louder sound delivery at the same time. As for its bass, its 10-inch cone size does a fine job in producing deep and accurate bass for the enjoyable sound experience. The thing that makes its bass, even more, better is the 10-inch cone size.

We’ve noticed that many subwoofer comes in the market with a promise to perfectly fit into the vehicle but it doesn’t. On the flips side, I’ve greatly impressed with its flexibility by which it perfectly fit under the seat. Besides this, for making its installation real fast, manufacturers have made sure that you just have to deal with few wires and cables.

Control buttons are located at the side panel through which users can fine-tune the music according to genre and own taste. This sound control includes bass boost feature, phase control, and other volume controls. Since this is powered sub therefore a built-in amp is also integrated within the body. Due to the integration of built-in amp, its installation becomes easier. It is true that passive subs are relatively more powerful, but you’ll also have to spend a few more dollars to purchase external an amplifier for a passive sub. 

If anybody looking for a powerful car under seat subwoofer with balanced and accurate bass then, this subwoofer will not disappoint you.

  • Slim and Compact Design
  • Magnificent Built-Quality
  • Adjustable and balanced Sound
  • Sometimes you might have to deal with overheating

5- Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8
Key Features
• 8″ woofer high-excursion cone
• Built-In Amplifier
• Durable Cast Metal Construction
• Remote Bass Level Knob
• warranty: 1 year
• frequency response: 32-150 Hz

Subwoofers are designed specifically to fit in limited spaces and Alpine PWE-S8 is one of them. Before I got my hands on this subwoofer, I was expecting an average performance and ordinary built-it quality. But, I was wrong.

Alpine Manufacturers has brought a compact shallow mount design that creates flexibility of installation in any vehicle. I’m really surprised to see its sturdy enclosure and high-end build quality. Such a powerful enclosure which further strengthens this subwoofer. Apart from making it durable, it also prevents the internal vibration of the subwoofer. So, that’s mean it will not create any distortion into the sound. Its rugged cast metal enclosure ensures good durability which will help it to protect from rough rides.

Its Heavy bass from its 120 Watts RMS power is strong enough to vibrate the windows of your vehicle. Even many renowned models couldn’t produce such kind of deep and accurate bass.  120 watts is such a big deal and it will enable you to enjoy the immersive sound experience while driving.

Alpine PWE-S8 features a Class D amplifier allows you to customize the set with the help of controls. It includes gain, low-pass crossover and phase controls. The driver can easily alter the bass level with its wired remote.

Majority of the people face much hassle while the installation of the subwoofer. But on the other hand, it offers you the easiest integration with any system with the help of speaker-level integration and RCA line.

In my opinion, if you’re hunting for a strong and compact subwoofer which delivers excellent bass, then this isn’t the product which you should ignore.

  • Deep and Accurate Bass
  • Hassle-free Installation
  • Compact Design with a durable enclosure
  • Wire-Length isn’t long enough

6- Kicker 11HS8 8

Kicker 11HS8 8"- best under seat sub woofer
Key Features
• 8″ compact powered subwoofer
• Built-in 150 watts RMS amplifier
• Remote control (wired)
• One-year warranty
• Frequency response: 25-120 Hz

The kicker is considered as the leading global brand which manufactures high-quality car subwoofer. Our next pick Kicker 11HS8 8″ is one of the top choices in terms of aesthetic sense and compact design.

Its built-in 150-watt RMS amplifier is fully capable of providing you with the punchy and deep bass sound. While our testing, we tested a variety of music but its sound and bass performance were up to-the-mark with every track.  Other than this, it doesn’t mean with such deep bass you’ve to sacrifice the clarity.

As we mentioned, its manufactures have created an appealing aesthetic sense over the body. So, by its installation, you can add value to the car interior. Undoubtedly, it costs a few more dollars as compared to other competitors, but its overall sound performance can compensate for your money very well.

Inside the box, a detailed manual is included where the process illustrated through the images. It offers a straightforward and secure installation and the same goes for removal. This easiness isn’t just limited to words. But Velcro-fastened straps and quick-connect power plus also contribute to making it convenient.

Kicker 11HS8 8″ is really good in producing low-frequency notes and its performance doesn’t fluctuate at max volume. An automatic hi-low controller works efficiently to bring the best output from any song. Apart from these automatic options, it also features a brass knob and remote through which you can control levels and performance easily.

It is worth mentioning here that Kicker 11HS8 8″ has won an award for best engineering and design from International Electronics Show. You’ll not feel any difference even if you place under the back seat.

  • Perfect Choice for tight places
  • Much convenient and precise fine-tuning
  • Compatible with most of the head units
  • Built-in amplifiers deliver much power
  • Cone Size is smaller

7- Kenwood KSC-SW11

Kenwood KSC-SW11
Key Features
• Noise-less sound
• 150W peak power Powered subwoofer
• Comparatively Smaller in size than other competitors
• preamp- (RCA) and speaker-level inputs

Kenwood doesn’t need any introduction and they are around for many decades. Our next pick is also brought to you by Kenwood. Kenwood KSC-SW11 comes with an affordable price tag and can be placed anywhere within your car.

Apparently, it might look smaller but this absolute powerhouse can enhance your music experience dramatically. Good choice for those who want to reinforce their car infotainment system without breaking the bank.

This 150 Watt subwoofer doesn’t require an additional amplifier for proper functioning. Here Kenwood deserves appreciation because this subwoofer made up of fine-quality material and it can easily last for next few years.

Input for wired remote enables you to get all of its control in your hands. Adjust it as per requirement. In addition, it requires not much knowledge and effort for installation, even a naïve person can do it easily.

As for its performance, it delivers above average but I’m not satisfied with its bass. But, in affordable pricing justifies its performance very well. As we take a look at other competitors, its bass is not up to the mark but still strong enough to reinforce your default system. I handpick this product due to the reason that it provides the best value for the money.

The smaller size is its key selling point but, that’s not the only reason to love this subwoofer. If you’re on a tight budget then don’t look anywhere, this product is especially for you. Also, worth-considering for the ones who don’t like to listen much bass and great flexibility.

  • Can be set up and assemble easily
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Durability and occupy smaller space
  • Less bass output

Buying Guide for Best Under Seat Subwoofer

Usually, we assume that bigger a speaker or subwoofer is, more balanced and deep-boosted sound it can produce. But, in the case of the subwoofer, it’s the size need to be smaller and compact enough to be placed anywhere inside the car body. We’ve jotted down most deciding aspects which makes a best under seat subwoofer.

Design & Construction

While shopping, you can’t overlook the design and built-quality of underseat subwoofer. As these things define the durability and compact-ability of any material. Sometimes, you might have to choose a rough-road to reach out of the destination and here, durability comes into play. An ordinary subwoofer is more likely to get damage but on the other hand, if you’ve chosen a solid option, then there’s no need to be concerned.


The most deciding part of choosing an underseat subwoofer is its size and dimensions. Performance does play a huge role, but one cannot bear protruding sides of underseat subwoofer. You highly need to look after this point, otherwise, it will end up making it an annoying experience.

Ease of Installation

Consider a subwoofer which comes with great ease of installation and usage as well. Since our main intent is to place it at very tight space, therefore the design must be good enough. Usually, manufacturers decide to put cables connections and side panel at one side, so as to make the hassle-free installation.

Controls Options

In the case of subwoofers, ease refers to how easy we can control and customize the sound settings. Input for remote control is a great benefit and it can make all it much convenient. Other than this, an automatic feature of switching between high and low frequencies can also be a user-friendly tool.

Also, check out the best car audio brands. This article will help you to choose one brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one of these is Top-Choice for the best small subwoofer for a car?

JBL BassPro SL is our top-pick for the best subwoofer. There’s not a single reason to love this sub, everything is just perfect. Its offers a compact and extra-durable body with a decent design. Best ever bass and an overall sound that an ordinary can’t deliver. Granted, at a single point, other competitors could be better than this, but we assured you that, nobody beat it in terms of as a whole.

What is the best under seat subwoofer Qualities?

There are many aspects that define the best performing subwoofer but few important ones are as follows:

Sound Performance

What is the contribution of SubWoofer in Overall Car Sound System?

A car infotainment system is incomplete without a good subwoofer. Actually, it is responsible for handling low frequency but especially bass. If you’re the one who loves to listen to the bass sound, then must install a powerful subwoofer into your vehicle.

Which is the Recommended way to Install a Subwoofer?

If you want to get most out of every music, then a subwoofer is imperative but you’ve to do something extra. For most people, Installation is a complex process of ordinary importance. But, its recommend way is low-level wiring, by which you’ll witness an amazing change into the car sound system.


Under seat subwoofers are my personal favorite acoustic equipment because it remains hidden from the sight. But still makes a huge and powerful impact over the listening.

If I have to go with one product, then definitely I’ll prioritize JBL BassPro SL over others. But this doesn’t mean that other under seat subwoofers are not worth-considering. Similarly, if your budget is tight, then here is your right pick Kenwood KSC-SW11.

So with all these details, this review of best under seat concludes. These details are meant to guide you in making a perfect decision. Hopefully, now you’re eager to make a purchase from our recommended picks.

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