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BMW Approved Coolants- Our Top 5 Picks

Most of the coolants from local stores are usually not compatible with BMW, therefore you should only go for BMW approved coolant.

Are you fed up with using ordinary coolants, which makes not any significant difference in engine performance? If your answer is yes, then read on.

Some drivers know their car’s requirements in terms of coolant selection, but most do not know. Similar to Engine Oil, Coolants contribute a significant role in the vehicle’s overall performance.

Every coolant product differs from one another in terms of its formula, and the same goes for a vehicle, which needs a coolant with some particular ingredient, i.e., Inhibitors. So, it is crucial to give your BMW car only what better suits it.

One has to be specific while choosing the antifreeze for BMW, and here many drivers commit a mistake. Being auto experts, we know the right BMW engine coolant that can deliver optimal performance and extend your engine life.

You’ve come to this post; then, you definitely possess some idea why it is necessary to use Coolant/Antifreeze. The market is flooded with tons of choices, but we’ve handpicked only the BMW approved coolants which offer top-notch performance.

Choose What you need

Our Top Pick
BMW Coolant Antifreeze

  • 1 Gallon bottle
  • Ethylene glycol-based
  • Provides protection for metals
Premium Choice
Zerex G-48

  • For vehicles requiring genuine G48 fluid
  • OEM approved formula
  • Premium grade coolant
Amazon Choice
Engine Ice TYDS008

  • Biodegradable, phosphate free and non-toxic
  • Uses propylene glycol
  • Perfect for racing or street

So without any further ado, let’s get into our Top picks for BMW Approved Coolant.

BMW Coolant Antifreeze (Our Top Pick)

One of the most widely used engine antifreeze manufacturers by BMW itself. So, it obviously a BMW Approved Coolant. This blue colored antifreeze not only keeps the engine temperature in control but also, it provides optimum protection as well. If you’re using this antifreeze, then forget about any corrosion as it allows for a strong shield against corrosion by lubricating your vehicle’s water pumps.

BMW Approved Coolant

As far as this antifreeze’s compatibility is concerned, you should know that the company itself manufactures it. And will be equally beneficial for all the BMW models.

There is no such harm if the water is used to increase its benefits. In winter conditions, it also offers significant freezing protection.

Auto experts recommend a 1:1 ratio of BMW coolant with distilled water. One should also avoid using its concentration, especially during warmer conditions. If you want to add to its cooling capacity in such a climate, it is ideal for reducing the antifreeze. But, here, I will suggest you measure the freezing point of the coolant mixture before using it.

Most prominent and Distinguishing Feature
The main reason it is so powerful against corrosion is the absence of nitrate and phosphate in its composition. By using it as your engine antifreeze, the life of your coolant would be increased. Above all, with our testing, we conclude that this pick is more environmentally friendly than most of the other antifreeze.

BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze/Coolant

Yet another brilliant performing antifreeze from BMW. It is made exclusively for BMW engines to give them strong protection against freezing, boil over, corrosion, and heat damage.

BMW approved coolant

As long as you are using this BMW antifreeze, your car’s cooling system will give its optimal performance. This 1-liter bottle can be placed anywhere within your vehicle and can be used whenever it is necessary.

Our previous pick is based on an ethylene glycol formula with no nitrates and phosphates. So that’s mean it will reduce the extent of eroding. Actually, it works to keep open the coolant passages so that cooling power will not be much affected.

If your car is mostly used in extreme cold areas, then change the antifreeze ratio with water to 3:2 and provide extra-ordinary freezing protection even at -62F (-52C).

Since a bitter agent is also included in its composition, therefore make sure that its ratio does not cross 60%. It will good if you use this blue-colored antifreeze after the scheduled maintenance of your car. Its BMW performance will surely provide your vehicle with quality engine effectiveness.

Most prominent and Distinguishing Feature
You will not face any interruption for a year into the optimal engine performance because it is genuine OEM. You will also delight in learning that one can also mix it with Red Line Water Wetter to fix the issues such as knocking or pre-ignition.

Valvoline MaxLife Engine Antifreeze/Coolant

BMW Approved Coolant

Valvoline always aims to manufacture the best value for money products, which keeps your BMW running in extreme conditions. Our next coolant is also brought to you by Valvoline.

Nobody wants to replace their coolant, again and again. Therefore Valvoline MaxLife lasts for longer durations. What makes it more comfortable to use, it its compatibility with all BMW models. This yellow/green colored universal antifreeze/coolant is made up with Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT).

Its protection helps to lubricate any part in contact with the fluid, including internal seals and components. This property prevents any coolant leakages from your car’s cooling system.

Moreover, it is equally beneficial for both freezing and boiling. Whether your car is coming across extreme warmer conditions or cold weather, this coolant will perfectly fit any situation. If you want to add a few changes to the ratio, then its concentrate form is also available.

This ready to use coolant is pre-mixed with the 50/50 ratio, so you don’t need to make any changes. As a bittering agent, its composition also includes 30 – 50 ppm of denatonium benzoate. Another thing that makes chemistry extremely beneficial to use is Alugard Plus. This additive proves to be a real plus in its composition due to its multiple advantages towards protection.

Most prominent and Distinguishing Feature
It efficiently works to transfer heat from engine to radiator, resulting in an extension in your engine’s life. Also, for protection, it is free from silicate and uses different corrosion inhibitors.

Zerex G-48 (Premium Choice)

Zerex G-48 is a wise choice for your BMW. Its OEM formula makes sure that you are getting the original product for your vehicle.

BMW Approved Coolant

Its specialty is broad compatibility with top car brands, including BMW, Audi, and many others. What’s more interesting, it can be used for both diesel and gasoline engines.

This product is ultra-protective, especially when it comes to fighting corrosion. The composition of Zerex G-48 is excellent as it includes low-silicate, which helps the engine components and different metals to remain corrosion-less. Anti-phosphate technology further solidifies this protection. Other than this, both organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors diminish every chance for your engine to get rusted.

So as for warmer and cold conditions, it delivers high-end protection against freeze-ups and boils over. Ideally, it should be diluted in a 1:1 ratio with distilled water. But, you must know that it is already made in 5:7 proportions to ensure maximum output.

NAP-free HOAT chemistry is the main reason behind the super-protection ability of this BMW engine coolant.

Most prominent and Distinguishing Feature
This worthwhile investment can get you superior value for money. Not every product offers such incredible protection and helps the car cooling system to operate on an optimal level.

Engine Ice TYDS008 (Amazon Choice)

Engine Ice is high performing coolant that can be used for any type of vehicle with a radiator.

BMW Approved Coolant

Engine Ice is silicate and phosphate-free, so it will not harm your engine in any way. Based on propylene glycol, so you can expect brilliant performance in high-stress conditions as well. When it comes to power to reduce the system’s temperature, it outranks most of its competitors.

Engine ice will go down to 26 degrees below zero, so it is perfectly safe for a cold environment. There’s only one kind of Engine Ice; it doesn’t come in different variants. Having different variants in the mind of one brand makes it difficult to understand which one to use.

No matter which antifreeze you’re using, we recommend you to flush the system before changing the coolant. Another reason why this product is only available in one version, and that’s because you’ve to create a balance between the water, antifreeze, and another propriety ingredient it has.

The company’s priority is to give you the best high-performance coolant product that offers you brilliant antifreeze properties at the same time. So, you will get nothing other than optimum performance.

It only comes in half-gallon size, and the reason is that you can tailor your needs to the product size. Usually, its color is blue, but sometimes the color can vary due to its non-toxic and biodegradable coloring product variances and sensitivities. But, with these slightest difference in colors doesn’t make any difference in its high-end performance.

Most prominent and Distinguishing Feature
The product is engineered to help not to lose much engine power in excessive heat damage. So, that’s mean you can push your BMW to its limit without heating your radiator.

Commonly Asked Questions

How using Coolant Can Help you in getting optimum performance?

You can only get the most out of your car engine if it isn’t losing any horsepower. Most of the time, your engine starts producing excessive heat due to certain factors. This heat production suppresses the average performance of your BMW. But, if you’re using BMW approved coolant, it will work to keep the coolant passages open. So, your car cooling system will operate normally, and there will no change in its performance.

Does BMW need a special coolant?

Yes, BMW is a particular car, and only the very special coolants are compatible with it. Thus, experts recommend that BMW companies manufacture their own antifreeze and use the company’s product.

You really need to look at the presence of specific ingredients in your coolant. But, if BMW approved coolant is your choice, then you don’t need to study that product.

Which color should be of Your Coolant?

Usually, people claimed that coolant colors don’t really matter in terms of performance and protection. But colors of antifreeze/coolant indicate the composition, and similarly, not every color is ideal for any vehicle. So, it does matter to a great extent. However, the color could be slightly different from the original, and that is okay.
Since it has proven that NAP free coolant can be beneficial for your car, try to use Turquoise or blue-colored antifreeze for BMW.

Note: If your car’s warranty duration doesn’t end yet, then keep using the same color of coolant.

What Mixture of Coolant and Water is Best?

If you’re using a concentrated form of any coolant, experts recommend that we stick to a 1:1 ratio. But, if the conditions are inclined towards extremeness, then you can alter the rate as well. Every pick of ours is fully capable of giving a seamless and hassle-free performance. If you’ve any particular case, you can use the comment section for your queries.

Which Are the Key Ingredients of Good Coolant?

The overall formula can vary from brand to brand, but Ethylene Glycol is an essential part of every coolant. It is included in the composition of 90% of coolants available in the market. Apart from it, the Alucard additive is also commonly used, which adds to any coolant’s compatibility.

It is also important to mention here that coolant formulas also vary from region to region. Vehicles in Asia may need a different version of coolant in contrast to Europe or America. Several other inhibitors are also added into the basic formula to make the product more potent in fighting against corrosion.

BMW Approved Coolant – Final Words

So far, we’ve shown you some of the best-in-class coolants available across the market. Now, it is entirely up to you whether you want to bring change into your driving experience or not. But one thing is sure, and if you purchase by following our guide, you will not make regret.

You may face difficulties like Metal Shavings in oil. This is because of some particular reasons. And you can easily fix this.

We have tried to cover all of your possible queries in our buying guide. But still, if there is anything you want to get the answer to, you can get our help. Describe your issue or query in the comment section; you get the reply in the shortest time possible.

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