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6 Top Choices for Cheapest Android Auto Head Unit

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When it comes to enhancing the luxury of a car interior, then the significance of a good head unit is second to none. Usually, people believe that they’ve to spend many hundreds of dollars to upgrade their existing vehicle with the good-quality head unit. But, they’re mistaken.

You’ll amaze to the hear that many renowned brands offer incredible choices for car’s infotainment system at just a few hundred dollars. These cheapest Android Auto Head Unit can provide you on-the-fly entertainment, improve the dashboard visibility and convenient smartphone integration.

With these multiple choices, it might be tricky to select your ideal Android Auto Head Unit. But, instead of roaming market to market in the search of Cheapest Android Auto Head Unit, you can have faith in us. This guide carries all of your answers.

Don’t let the tight budget come in the way of your soothing and enjoyable driving experience. We’ve found out the best-in-class yet cheap Android auto head units and compiled this list.

But before getting into the list, let’s have a look at a simple question.

How we select the best Android Audio head unit?

You might ask from yourself what is our criterion for selecting these picks.

Before assembling this list, we’ve taken the opinions of experts regarding this. According to them, it important to have a look at the general opinion of existing users before making any decision.

Apart from consumer’s experience, we’ve also tested these picks ourselves to ensure whether they can provide value for money or not. Admittedly, there’s always some drawback, no matter how much you invest. But, depending upon their overall performance, we’ve narrow down the overall choices to top 5 Best Cheap Android Auto Head Unit.

6 Cheapest Android Auto Head Units

We have handpicked the top 6 cheapest Android auto head units from the market. Take a look and choose the best for you.

Head UnitDesignBuy Now
Pioneer DMH-1500NEX Pioneer-DMH-1500NEX Check Price
Sony XAV-AX5000 Sony-XAV-AX5000 Check Price
Boss BVCP9685A Boss-BVCP9685A Check Price
JVC kW-M750bt JVC-kW-M750bt Check Price
Atoto SA102 Atoto-SA102 Check Price
Dual DMCPA79BT Dual-DMCPA79BT Check Price

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX

Key Features
WebLink Compatible
Supported internet services: Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify
7″ LCD touchscreen
13-band graphic equalizer
Hands-free calling with Bluetooth

Pioneer has a prominent position in the audio industry and this product also comes with the same promise to deliver only the very best performance.

This affordable stereo has a 7-Inches display, apple car play, Android Auto Bluetooth USB, weblink, and many more to offer.

What’s included inside the box:

•    Wiring Harness

•    58-Inch USB extension

•    External Microphone for voice recognition

•    Mounting hardware

If your choice is Pioneer DMH-1500NEX, then get for an immersive sound amplification with detail and much clarity.Its 13-band graphic equalizer is fully capable of giving you goosebumps while listening to your music. The main reason behind this is the maximum power that it delivers to speakers and thus it sounds obvious and crystal clear.

Although Pioneer DMH-1500NEX isn’t equipped with wireless features, still it has the smoothest compatibility with both Android and Apple. Just plug in your phone with a large USB cable, and do whatever with east control.

Easy navigation will guide you through any route and you can also get lane guidance, traffic information as well. This head unit doesn’t feature CD player but FM or AM audio can replace their role. The digital receiver will make your journey safe and sound by allowing you hands-free calling experience.

For user customization, you’ve got a wide array of options that will make you’re driving more comfortable and entertaining. These customizations can be related to camera position, background and graphics adjustability, sound setting, and many others. Everyone has a different taste in music, and for that reason, you can customize the different aspects of sound according to your requirement.

It takes around half a minute to boot up and for me, this is a serious drawback. But with its overall performance and design, it will not make any regrets at the end of the day.

  • • Responsive and highly customizable
  • • Exceptional Sound Performance
  • • Perfect value for money
  • • No CD or DVD player

Sony XAV-AX5000

sony cheapest Android auto head unit

Key Features
6,95″ LCD Responsive touchscreen;
Dual USB ports
Sony’s proprietary Dynamic Stage Organizer
Wireless Connectivity with its Bluetooth 5.0
Quick-access key panel
Sirius XM Radio ready
Compatibility with Apple car play and Android Auto

Sony is one of the leading global brands, offering a wide range of products with no compromise over quality. It has also earned a huge repute in the audio industry as well, and usually, people prefer Sony over other brands.

Sony XAV-AX5000 is among the serious contender in the list of aftermarket head units. A simple yet elegant design can add decent In-dash visibility to your vehicle. Sony has yet again completed its promise of top-tier sleek design with amazingly comfortable built-quality. There are many reasons why people are falling head over heels in love with the powerful head unit. So, let’s have a look at some of its prominent features.

This digital receiver comes with a bit smaller than 7-inch touch screen that is engineered to work both with iOS and Android after installation. Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology will enable you to enjoy seamless music and media streaming right from your device. Also, Sony did a commendable job by making its much efficient hands-free calling. The good quality microphone can easily interpret your voice and you don’t need to touch the screen again and again.

Sony’s proprietary Dynamic Stage Organizer and 10-band graphic equalizer are there to ensure a soothing sound experience that you don’t feel before.

What’s inside the box:

  • Screws and Mounting hardware
  • An external microphone with 12 feet long cable
  • Remote control for better control
  • Wiring Harness

Its compact design will make sure to accumulate the least dirt and fingerprints as possible. Unlike other brands, it covers the limited area and increases the beauty of the dashboard.

For user-friendliness, it has a simple and easy interface that everybody can understand. In my opinion, your head unit needs to be simpler and equipped with a bunch of extra features that make your journey relax plus. Fortunately, Sony offers the same features and much easier interface at an affordable price tag.

  • • Capacitive touch screen with faster boot up
  • • Luxurious Design
  • • The pre-wired design makes the installation easier
  • • Balanced Sound Quality
  • • No CD or DVD player

Boss BVCP9685A

boss cheapest Android auto head unit
Key Features
6.75-inch capacitive screen
Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Built-in Bluetooth technology
6-channel preamp outputs
3-year platinum online dealer warranty

Boss BVCP9685A is included in the list of top-of-the-line contenders for Car’s head unit. The competitively priced android auto head unit has a lot more to offer you, so let’s dig into this. Being an entry-level head unit, it has become a top-choice for upgrading your existing vehicle.

6.75-inch capacitive screen with multiple controls at the left side can integrate advance technology into your vehicle. A wired connection is required for connecting Apply Car play and Android Auto and you can also charge your mobile devices. Granted, the screen size is comparatively smaller but it offers maximized screen space and in range of car’s driver. With a home button at the left side, you can also jump into the Boss system with just a single touch.

Customization options can help you to adjust the interface and set according to your requirements. Decent array of features can add nice and crisp colors to your digital receiver. As far as it expandability is concerned, it features two rear-USB ports, a single Aux port and rear camera view input as well.  

For the improved amplification of sounds, it has six preamp outputs that will get the most out from any track. But, as compared to other picks, its sound performance wasn’t much satisfying. Siri and other third-party apps also available that will help you in easy navigation. Keep your updated with the real-time news through google maps and Waze. Siri will assist you in reading as well as replying the message with a complete concentration on the road.

  • • Can support multiple useful apps
  • • Smart and Safer Control
  • • Responsive and fast touch screen
  • • Support USB charging
  • • Steering wheel controls
  • • Average Sound Amplification

JVC kW-M750bt

JVC kW-M750bt cheap android auto head unit
Key Features
Built-in Bluetooth
13-band equalizer for crisp and clear sound
Compatibility with CarPlay, WebLink and Android Auto,
6.8-inch clear resistive touchscreen
Siri Eyes Free Control

JVC has been around for many decades and producing different quality products including, TV, Speakers and car’s infotainment system. Our next pick is also brought to you by JCV which is making a huge impact in-car audio industry. JVC kW-M750bt offers you a perfect choice to upgrade your car audio without breaking the bank.

This digital multimedia receiver has a 6.8″ Clear Resistive touchscreen that offers a crystal clear graphics and also an option to customize the display background. It features digital angle adjustments that give it a deluxe look.

What’s Inside the Box:

  • Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Microphone
  • Warranty Card plus Installation Guide

13-band equalizer with K2 technology can get the most out from any music. Its balanced sound amplification gets my attention and this one is its core feature.

There’s also an optional wireless remote for any easy control over the car audio. What can be more convincing than that of 2 years’ warranty? Although, during my testing, I find its build-quality really up to the mark but still 2 years of warranty will give you a peace of mind.

With its easy compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you can also charge your cellphones. One of my personal favourite thing about JVC kW-m75bt is the wide-array of Smartphones integration features that brings more entertainment while driving. There’re many more reasons to love this stereo including Siri Eyes Free Control, Spotify and Pandora control, and Streaming DJ feature allows five Bluetooth sources for connection. Other than this, through built-in Bluetooth, you’re also allowed for hands-free calling and audio streaming even with the dual phone connection.

A versatile car’s infotainment system with a bunch of extra features is hard to find in the market. Also, it won’t make any dent at your pocket.

  • • Serious sound-shaping tools
  • • Dual phone connection
  • • Customizable display background
  • • Seamless hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • • Screen Size is bit smaller as compared to competitors

Atoto SA102

Atoto SA102 budget android auto head unit
Key Features
Rear/Front Camera Input/Aux Input
Bluetooth with SBC, AAC
Good Compatibility with Both Android and Apple
7″ capacitive touchscreen
178° full-viewing angle IPS display screen

Granted, this pick of ours doesn’t belong to any renowned brand, but its built-quality and stellar performance are enough to include it into our list of cheapest Android Auto Head Unit. Atoto SA102 comes with a simple design it doesn’t offer many features but there’s very less thing to go wrong with it. Even at this reasonable price tag, you’ll get premium feel with seamless Mobile integration experience.

7″ capacitive touchscreen with ultra-thin bezels perfectly fits your car’s dashboard. A great resolution for cheapest pricing, but you may have to face some hindrance while direct sunlight exposure on it. Other than that, there’s no any major drawback that is imperative to mention here.

Even though it takes some time to boot up but its ease of usage and a wide selection of customization options will not bother you anymore.

All you need is to just connect the USB cable with your mobile and its instant auto compatible technology will take you to the device’s screen.

With Atoto SA102 installed in your car, you no longer need to divert your attention again and again from the road. Its amazing voice-recognition technology will enable you to get an absolute control on everything. Whether, you need to send an urgent message, to make a call to your family, or to check the business mails, all of this can be done with just a few touches. 

Get the real-time navigation with the help of google maps and reach out to your destination without any hassle.

If you’re on a budget but still want to upgrade your car with a well-functioning Android auto head unit, then this is your right choice. Although it couldn’t make a spot in the list of best-in-class products, it’s extremely affordable pricing can make it your decision.

  • • Excellent Viewing Experience
  • • Easy to Control and Operate
  • • Easy and Faster Connection
  • • Lack of Brightness


Dual DMCPA79BT budget android head unit
Key Features
Works with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto
7 inches responsive Touchscreen
Rear A/V input
800 x 480 resolution
Built-in Bluetooth

Probably, you haven’t heard this brand name, but it offers reasonably priced aftermarket products that can deliver good performance as well.

Dual DMCPA79BT can be a perfect choice for budget conscious buyers but it doesn’t mean that you’ve to sacrifice some important features at this budget. Connect your mobile both (iOS and Android) with a USB cable and it will mirror your mobile screen into the digital receiver.

GPS navigation, answering to calls or replying the message, all can be done with just few touch. Unlike some expensive brands, its boot up time is really faster and seamless smartphone integration as well. Apart from it, you can also enjoy hands-free calling with great ease with the help of its Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to it, 10 band equalizer improves the amplification and bring clarity in the car sound.

It may lack some features but honestly, it is a great deal at this performance of budget. If you wish to enjoy some premium features, you’ve to shell out a few hundred dollars extra. But there should be the inclusion of some physical buttons and rotary know for volume control. Excluding this aspect, there isn’t any major drawback that I should notice.

It can be really hard to find a car’s infotainment system with a 7-inch capacitive and a responsive touchscreen under $200.

  • • Seamless Hands-free calling
  • • Elegant design to add the in-dash visibility
  • • Affordable pricing
  • • Doesn’t play CD or DVD

Important Things to Consider Before making a decision:


Depending upon your budget, you can get your hands on one of the best head units in the whole market. But, be assured, that you’ve invested in the right product. Your driving experience is largely depending upon the features that your stereo is offering. For instance, if it offers Bluetooth technology, then you can possibly save a lot of time. Similarly, if due to intense traffic pressure, you’ve stuck somewhere between the unknown city. So, you can take the assistance from google maps to find out the shortcuts or the easiest routes. There could be many features a good head unit equipped with, but you’ve to find it in your desired product.

Sound Performance:

Driving without your favorite music could be boring enough to make you feel exhausted. But, if your car has a really nice and well-performing stereo, and then it can turn the table. You’ve to make sure that your choice can get you a balanced and detailed sound experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best Android Auto Head Unit?

We’ve made sure to include the best performance at a reasonable price tag. But If you’re deep-pocketed people, then I’d suggest you buy a Sony XAV-AX5000. This product from Sony is a perfect combination of style and brilliant performance both in sound and display. Some of the head units may need a complex installation but with its pre-wired design, you don’t have to invest any effort. Wireless connectivity is a real plus that brings effort free calling.

Which one is the cheapest Android Auto Head Unit under $200?

Don’t worry if your budget is tight, we have an awesome head unit that will cost you not more than 200 dollars. Say hello to Dual DMCPA79BT. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be such a super cool product. You can get maximum features that come with a hefty price tag. And, 7 Inches screen with built-in Bluetooth technology. What else you’re expecting at this performance of budget.

Best Cheap Android Auto Head Unit – Final Words

We’ve mentioned the 6 top-choices for cheapest android auto head unit in the whole market. Now, it utterly depends upon you to make a wise decision and get a perfect blend of handy features and coolest entertainment.

There are many other options available in the market at even cheaper pricing. But for that, you’ve to sacrifice some of the necessary features as well.

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