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Metal Shavings in Oil – Some of its Issues and Solution

Metal Shavings in oil is an early symptom of severe damage to your engine, and you can figure out the damage yourself by checking the filter and oil.

A car can only perform optimally if it is undergoing both routine and critical maintenance according to the schedule.  Vehicle overall health largely depends upon some of the most crucial maintenance tasks including wheel alignment, replacement of oil and oil filter, and changing of worn-out tires with new ones. It is the need for every vehicle and without it, you can face some major issues.

Replacing oil and oil filter is necessary as it prevents the gathering of metal shavings into the oil. Metal shavings in large amounts can cause a hindrance to the designed level of your car’s functioning. This debris gets into the oil due to the deterioration of the engine and can cause some serious damage.

Here in this post, we’ll share major problems that can originate due to Metal shaving and at the end, you’ll learn how to effectively deal with it.

But before getting into the what let’s have a look at how.

How does Metal Shaving include into the Oil?

Even if your car is at the beginning of its life-span, still oil contamination can be a big problem. But, owners of newer cars can easily recognize the factors due to which their car encountered such a problem compared to old vehicles.

But the question remains the same. How do these contaminants get into the Oil?

There are more than a few reasons why your oil gets contaminated and become dirty. Let’s take look at each of these reasons separately.

  1. Due to general wear and tear, you will also encounter metal shaving in the oil. Driving the car at its maximum potential for longer durations without taking care of its maintenance creates less-lubricated conditions. Such condition further results in increased friction, and consequently, debris will start appearing in the oil.
  2. The choice of oil and gasoline quality is another important reason. The oil you’re using as a fuel significantly matters for the overall performance of your car. If a car is getting low-quality fuel for longer durations, then it is most likely that you’ll start facing some engine and performance-related issues and Metal Shavings in Oil.

You can choose the oil from 5w30 vs. 10w30.

A car functions similarly to a car human-body; if a person intakes low-quality food quality over time, his health will get affected by a dangerous level. The same goes for an engine; low-quality engine oil and gasoline both result in its deterioration. And, at the end of the car’s performance will be extremely affected.

What Majors Problems Can Arise Due to Metal Shavings in Oil?

Metal Shavings in Oil

Engine oil contaminated with metal shavings can costs you many hundred dollars. Being a driver, you should aware of these possible issues and its solution as well. So, we’ve compiled a list of some serious problems that can arise due to metal shavings.

Effect on Power

Sometimes, you start observing a noticeable decrease in the power of the engine. Although, many factors either directly or indirectly influence the car engine power. Not always, but many of the time presence of metal shavings into the car engine oil is its prime reason.

Actually, this debris material results in a less-lubricated situation in the car engine. And such a situation further compels the engine to do more work, consequently decreasing power. All of this happens due to contaminated oil and worn out the filter. For this reason, your car engine will always have to face difficulty while getting the acceleration. 

Rough Idling:

Dirty or contaminated oil can also be the reason for the rough idling of your car. If, during idling mode, if your car starts vibrating or shaking, then most probably, you’ve to change the oil.

Like other issues caused due to contaminated oil, it works to decrease the friction within the vital components of a car. So, this friction becomes the cause of rough idling.

Ticking Sounds because of Metal Shavings in Oil

Ticking Sounds because of Metal Shavings in Oil
Ticking Sounds because of Metal Shavings in Oil

A driver can never resist a continuous ticking sound of its car as it can be a real headache. The reason why it produces such sound is due to the improper and un-freely circulation of oil. The debris material serves as the blockage area, which prevents the free movement of oil. As a result, the oil can’t reach out equally to all vital components of a vehicle. This lesser lubrication halts the proper functioning of the engine, and it starts producing strange noises. These noise-producing spots can also be located.

Cause of White Smoke

You may have seen that some vehicle emits white smoke, but what if your newly purchased vehicle also start doing the same?

Under stressful conditions or in simple words, both fuel and engine oil start burning out together during less-lubricated conditions. This unusual process results in the emission of white smoke from the vehicle.

But why it starts happening?

The presence of Metal Shaving in oil prevents the smooth and free movement of oil. This results in decreasing the lubrication and causing both of them to burn together.

If this troublesome event happens to you, take your vehicle to the repair workshop without wasting any time.

Some Other Alarming Issues because of Metal Shavings in Oil

Technology has made it easier to diagnose any trivial problem, which can be harmful in the coming days. Also, you don’t need to leave the car or to head towards the workshop for inspection.

Your dashboard will timely notify you with different warning signs. For any driver, it always crucial to take these warning signs seriously and take any step accordingly. These signs can be oil pressure warning, decreased power warning, check-engine light, and other warning lights.

Overall Performance and Experience

Everyone wants to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free driving experience. But, your vehicle’s overall performance can seriously be disturbed due to the presence of metal shavings. It can be the root cause of many problems leading to severe damage to engine health.

One can easily get an insight into any change into the car if you pay close attention to it. The same goes for oil quality. This is a convenient way to figure out whether your car needs urgent maintenance or not. An engine contaminated due to this debris can’t give its hundred percent performance. Other than the engine, some other problems could also arise due to it.

Knocking in Engine because of Metal Shavings in Oil

Knocking or detonation happens due to abnormal combustion of fuel and air mixture inside the engine. But how can one know if your engine is knocking?

While driving, if you hear a tapping sound from the engine, your vehicle might be affected by knocking. You can encounter this condition due to many factors, but here we’ll only discuss its relation with metal shavings.

If you don’t change the engine oil and filter regularly, then a lot of debris can be gathered within the engine. This debris can significantly enhance the engine’s friction, and consequently, your engine will start deteriorating.

Engine Knocking is a problem you can’t overlook, and it mainly occurs due to the long-term use of dirty oil.

How to Deal with Metal Shavings in Oil?

Deal with Metal Shavings in Oil

It doesn’t mean that your newer car can resist the contamination of oil with debris. If your car isn’t getting routine maintenance, then sooner or later, you can discover metal shavings in the oil.

Avoid pushing your vehicle to the extreme limit frequently. This thing will further escalate the problem, and your engine will face some serious consequences. If you want to do so, do not forget to change the oil and oil filter according to the routine schedule. If you maintain its health, then your car engine can easily endure the stresses of high-end performance. 

Sometimes even car simple issues cannot be fixed in your garage, so you’ve to get assistance from an expert. Experts can easily diagnose and fix the actual issues and resume the designed level functioning of your car.

Why It is Necessary to Take Good Care of Your Vehicle?

Every mechanical equipment can’t work properly if you’re not taking care of its maintenance. Strong lubrication is required within your car as several parts of the car always keep in motion. Engine oil works here as a lubricant,, and it plays a great role in reducing the friction between different components.

But, if you’re dealing it with carelessly and not changing the oil and oil filter frequently, lubrication will ultimately be affected. Oil filter serves as the filter which catches the oil contaminants, gathering into the car engine. You can also check these contaminants in oil while repairing/maintenance of your car.

How Metal Shavings in Oil Looks like

Final Thoughts about Metal Shavings in Oil

You can save a lot of money from early maintenance. Otherwise, it can be an expensive repair, sometimes even a total engine rebuild. It is worth mentioning here that Metal Shavings in oil isn’t the major problem; in fact, it is an indication of upcoming car issues.

If you are using a luxury vehicle like BMW, you should use BMW approved coolants.

We’ve shared all of the problems interlinked with Metal Shavings, and its solution above in the article. Hopefully, now, you’ve got some idea of all about it.

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