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Mevotech vs Moog Suspension Parts – Which One Is the Best?

So finally, now you’re thinking of replacing any component of your car’s suspension system. Most likely, you’ve already done with the preliminary research and well aware of the fact that there are only two significant players in the chassis industry. Mevotech vs Moog, surely it would be pretty challenging to choose the best among them.

If this is going to be your very first experience, then telling the difference between both of them could be challenging. Both Mevotech and MOOG are really good, especially when it comes to restoring your vehicle’s perfect handling.

A suspension system consists of many different components and does play a vital role in improving your driving experience. But, any faulty part of it can lead to some car issues. Some of them are the following:

  • Screeching Sound
  • Significant Loss of Steering Control
  • Vibration and Shaking of Car’s Body

Mostly, a vehicle produces such an unpleasant sound when you’re rotating the steering wheel. We’ve compiled this in-depth guide, which includes unbiased reviews of different products from both brands.

By the end of this post, you will identify the problem and choose your ideal product between Mevotech vs. Moog.

If you’re in a hurry, check out our recommendation for the Control arm – Ball Join Assembly and Wheel bearing.

Movetech Vs Moog Suspension: Which to Pick

Top Pick
MOOG Chassis
MOOG Chassis
  • Compatible with several vehicles
  • Ease of Installation
  • Comes with Warranty
  • Enhanced Structural Strength
Check Price On AmazonRead More
Budget Pick
MOOG 515036
MOOG 515036
  • Precise Engineering
  • Coated Wheel Studs
  • Bigger sized balls
  • Perfectly-fit design
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MOOG Chassis Products RK621355 :

MOOG Chassis Products RK621355
Key Specifications
Features M2 technology for better responsiveness and steering
Made of aluminum or forged and stamped steel
Comprehensive coverage for both foreign and domestic use
Enhanced Structural Strength
Coated studs inhibit the premature deterioration
Comes with Warranty

With its extra-durability and simplified installation, MOOG has earned a tag of problem-solving in the chassis industry. MOOG RK621355 can withstand both everyday passenger vehicles and trucks, SUVs, etc.

Through heat treatment, this product is engineered to handle some severe and repetitive loads easily.  The friction is made up of aluminum or steel, and its application-specific design favors the reduction of friction.

MOOG is famous for making powerful and long-lasting products. This product also comes with coated studs that prevent corrosion, which results in long service life. Not only this product but every MOOG product is manufactured with precise engineering, which ensures an easy installation.

A professional who understands the quality and performance will always prefer MOOG RK621355 over its competitors. Whether your requirement is on or off-road, which controls arm and ball, the joint assembly has excellent versatility in its performance.

This supreme quality suspension part is manufacture to fulfill the requirement of every type of condition or vehicle. Once you’ve installed this product, you will experience steering and handling a brand new car.

  • Good responsiveness and Safe Driving
  • Significantly fewer chances of wear and friction
  • Ease of installation
  • Impressive performance 
  • Made up of high-quality material, which makes it sturdy
  • Grease fittings on lower-joints
  • Not any

Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm – with most prominent feature:

Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm
Key Specifications
Compatible with several types of vehicles
Reasonable Price
Allow you to install it easily
Give dependable power to your suspension system
Composed of excellent quality material

Mevotech MS601043 control arm is widely compatible with several vehicle brands and types. Ever since this company has established, it never disappoints us while giving us best-in-class automotive aftermarket products.

This control arm is engineered to improve the wheel frames’ functioning and, consequently, increase its lifespan. The company knows that good isn’t just enough; it should be better. This unitized arm control provides enhanced stability control and increased traction. Also, it features oversized balls studs, strengthens forgings, greasable ball joints, and mounting hardware included.

Greasable balls, Polyurethane boots are of excellent quality, which gives a solid and sturdy shape to its body. These supreme control arms offer the most comprehensive coverage for controls arms in the aftermarket industry. With this control arm, a strong connection will be established between the car body and wheel frames, which will allow the free movement of the wheel. 

Mevotech has always led the way in aftermarket innovation. As vehicles evolved, the company continue providing high quality and improved designs that ensure strengths, longevity, and ultimate performance.

This control arm is much easier to deal with; the precise engineering has made sure that it perfectly fit the vehicle. Even if previously you don’t have any of its relevant experience, you’re not going to face many difficulties.

Indeed, it is the right choice if you want to replace the control arm in your car’s suspension system. This product will play a huge role in restoring the original specifications of your vehicle.

  • Extended Life-Span
  • One-year warranty
  • Convenient installation than that of other aftermarket product
  • Resistance against corrosion
  • Grease fittings metal bearing
  • Provides a strong connection between frame wheel and vehicle
  • Boot material is not of good quality

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly:

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly:
Key Specifications
Engineering at its best
The perfectly-fit design gets rid of any sound
Copper wiring and high-quality polymer improves the functioning of the ABS signal
More giant-sized balls improve its load capacity
Features Quality quad lip seal design
Coated Wheel Studs for protection against rust and any adverse condition

MOOG has been a renowned name in the automotive aftermarket for many decades. People love to use their products because it is made up of durable material, and engineered to fit perfectly. With decades of expertise, the company knows how to innovate things and make its assembly hub even more problem-solving.

Its manufacturers have focused on crafting a practical design that can increase the performance and bring additional benefits. Its design also brings enhanced durability, proper fit and functions, and the product’s safety.

Let’s further analyze and study its design As compare to other aftermarket suppliers, MOOG features a larger ball size and row spacing. Other than this, its superior raceway design is also one of its standout features.

For proper torquing, it features coated wheel studs on its body. This application-specific-design helps the assembly hub to fight against corrosion, mud, and water effectively. Consequently, lowering the chances of getting rusted. Moreover, MOOG 515036 equally works in extreme conditions with its superior ABS protection.

So as for its load capacity, it is manufactured with heat for giving it the optimum hardness necessary to bear out the extra burden.

So, if you want to experience a safe and noiseless ride ever, then here is the right pick. There are many reasons, including extended lifespan, more ABS protection, increased load capacity due to which you should buy this product.

  • Seamless and worry-less driving experience  
  • Made to get installed without much effort  
  • Contamination protection due to its quad-lip seal  
  • ABS sensors
  • Better performance with an increased load capacity  
  •   Little Bit Light material

Mevotech vs Moog – Buyer’s Guide

Mevotech vs Moog – Buyer's Guide

Significant Difference Between Mevotech and MOOG

  • MOOG’s suspension components are a bit expensive as compare to Mevotech.
  • Mevotech manufacture only in Canada, whereas MOOG, is the manufacture and supplies from almost 16 different countries.
  • If we look at the warranty period, Mevotech comes with a limited warranty offer. But many of MOOG’s suspension parts come with an almost 3-year warranty.
  • MOOG’s products have an extended lifespan if we compare it with Mevotech.

Which Brand is Better Choice?                              

Both of the brands are very much focused on manufacturing high-end products with multiple benefits. But, if I have to choose one, definitely I’ll go with MOOG. There are many reasons due to which I consider that MOOG can be my perfect component of the suspension system.

Usually, some people prefer to buy Mevotech products due to their low-cost factor. While, if your focus is to get the quality component that can enable you to get rid of poor driving experience, then MOOG is the best brand to go with.

Your vehicle’s suspension system requires a strong, sturdy, and reliable component with practical design in the long run. In my opinion, MOOG is such a brand which can meet your requirement.

What Makes MOOG a more reliable Option than that of Mevotech?

In the previous point, you’ve learned that MOOG is a more appropriate option for the replacement of your any suspension system’s component. Here, we’ll discuss the reasons due to which MOOG takes the lead from Mevotech.

Whether you own a truck, SUV, or car, MOOG has top-notch products for the safest and smoothest driving. Strong Presence in the industry from the last few decades has helped them earn the tag of problem-solving. These products are designed, tested, and crafted for easy installation and an extended lifespan.

MOOG products are a real example of precise engineering and manufactured specifically to meet any field’s needs. In every MOOG plant, before sending these suspension components, these are tested to the highest standards. The enhanced structural strength of its design prevents premature failure and the loss of steering control. For improving its extra-hardness, these products also have gone through with heat treatment.

No matter what kind of weather, your car suspension system will perform at its best potential. Not to the perfect, but you will face steering handling of a brand new car if MOOG is your choice.

The price tag is slightly higher than that of its competitors, but its excellent quality is enough to compensate for your investment. Moreover, if you intend to get quality components, you need to shell out a few more dollars.

Signs When You Need Urgent Replacement of Suspension Parts

Get your car to the Auto workshop if you’re facing any of the below-mentioned signs.

Increased Shaking and Vibration

While your car’s normal functioning, if your car steering starts vibrating at rugged terrains or unequal paths, then most probably it is due to the control arm. Choosing and Installing a right control arm can help your car to overcome this issue.

Less Responsiveness of Car Steering

Due to certain factors, you can lose significant control of your steering, which can be dangerous. In such a condition, usually one has to face many difficulties while turning the vehicle. Replacement of suspension components is the solution in this regard.

Unpleasant Screeching Noise

Contamination of the lubricant can result in producing extremely unpleasant screeching noise from the front-end of your car. The sound can get even worse if you continue overlooking this problem. If you’re also coming across such a situation, you should replace your vehicle’s wheel bearings.

Commonly Asked Questions

How vital a vehicle’s suspension system is?

The suspension system of any vehicle is responsible for the smoothest and shock-free rides. It consists of many different components that play a different role. It increases the friction between the tires and the road; this friction further improves the steering control, better stability, and handling. Other than this, whenever you drive the car on a bumpy road, it helps the vehicle bounce freely to reduce the shocks and smooth ride.

What if I don’t replace the wheel bearing?

While driving, if you hear any screeching sound from the front-end, it is usually due to the wheel bearing. A wheel bearing is a vital suspension component that contributes a significant role in comfortable and smoothest driving. So, it is essential to make sure that your vehicle has wheel bearings in good condition. Otherwise, such a situation can even lead to falling off the wheel while driving.

How a regular wheel bearing become bad?

If you regularly ride the vehicle on unequal paths, then the lubricant inside the metal bearings can contaminate dust, debris, or mud. This contamination halts its normal functioning and results in increased friction of the wheel frames.

How will you get to know about the faulty wheel bearing?

The simple way to figure out whether your wheel bearing needs replacement or not is the audible one. In simple words, if a grinding, screeching sound starts coming out from the tires, then it is very much likely due to the bad wheel bearings. You will also observe that this voice gets louder as the vehicle gets more acceleration.

Are Moog Made in the USA?

Yes, the company has a big plant located in the USA. But its products manufacture in 16 other countries as well, which makes it a global brand in the chassis industry.

How long do Moog parts should last?

Typically, a MOOG wheel bearing has an average lifespan of around 136,000 – 160,000 km. You will also not need to spend any extra penny on its maintenance as long as it doesn’t get worn out. The company aims to produce sturdy, reliable, and best-performing suspension parts that can make a difference in your driving experience.

How long to Mevotech products supposed to last?

Mevotech products are made with good-quality material, which ensures the longevity of it. Mevotech products also come with a warranty, so you can expect that these products will last for the next few years. Before coming into the market, these products are inspected several times in different conditions.

What is the function of the control arm?

According to experts, the control arm builds a reliable connection between the car body and its suspension system. It consists of bushings located at the frame side while with ball joints on the wheel side. The control arm allows the vehicle to move freely according to any road condition.

Does the role of the wheel bearing is significant?

Wheel bearings are located inside the wheel frames, and they serve ad friction reduction components. Since, during the driving, most of the suspension components are in continuous motion. Therefore it works to reduce the friction. Due to this reduction of friction, rotatory efficiency can be improved.

What can happen to my car due to worn-out wheel bearing?

Since wheel bearing helps the wheels to freely; therefore, a driver needs to replace it time-to-time. Otherwise, the normal movement of the wheel can be affected. Also, a bad wheel bearing can damage other components present around it.

How much time usually its take for the replacement of wheel bearings?

If you’ve decided to choose from our recommendation, then these easy-to-install wheel bearing will take just 20 minutes.

Is it okay to drive with a faulty control arm?

If you’ve come to know that your control arm is faulty, it is better not to drive. Experts also suggested not to drive until you fix this issue with the replacement. Although this isn’t a big concern, it will be suitable for your vehicle if it gets relief as soon as possible.

Can only the Auto-Mechanic replace these suspension components?

No, anybody can replace these suspension components at their homes as well. Besides, we’ve also enlisted only those products which offer ease of installation.

Mevotech vs. MOOG – Conclusion:

So far, we’ve reviewed two different products from Mevotech vs. MOOG and discussed some crucial aspects of the buying guide. Both brands offer some severe contenders in the automotive market for performance, design, and build quality. But, by keeping in mind every aspect, MOOG is a better choice than Mevotech. Undoubtedly, Mevotech is the right choice for budget-conscious buyers, but I recommend you MOOG in terms of quality.

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide quite helpful in making the decision. If you’ve any queries in your mind, you can feel free to ask in the comment section.

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