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10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2022

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Whether you want to wake up all your neighborhood with the pounding bass or you’re just a music enthusiast looking forward to some hard-ass music on the go, these car stereos are your need! Among plenty of brands trying their luck, it might be hard for some to pick the right one. Worry not; we’ve got your back as always. Here in this guide, you’ll find some top-notch quality best car stereo under 100 that will take the soul out of you with their ultra-deep and heavy bass. Keep on reading to know more!

A stereo is the car’s central audio system, which is not here just to fill the dash but to provide you with rich quality sound on the ride. Having three major parts as the source, preamp, and amplifier, these car’s stereo systems are a way to listen to loud yet clear and fine-tuned music. 

That’s one of the reasons why the market value of the car’s stereo system is at $43085 million and still rising! Moreover, don’t confuse yourself as you may find these under various names such as radio, receiver, and head unit, each having the same purpose. 

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Why would someone need to own the best car stereo under 100? 

As already said, music lovers just can’t hold back while they’re on the ride! A fine-tuned music with extra detailing is the energy-booster for them. But would these car’s stereo systems hold benefits for everyone? Or is it worth buying these best budget car stereos? Let’s not wait anymore and find the answer to all your questions. Here are some of the perks you may enjoy while having the best affordable car stereos:

Superior Sound Quality:

Aftermarket car stereos are 100x better than the factory stereo, and they are plenty of reasons why! First, you’ll be able to connect your device, i.e., smartphones, and stream music you love in some simple steps. Not just this, but the preamp section of the car stereo system is giving you enough versatility and range to fine-tune the music as per your taste. What else a music lover wants!

Expand the Sources:

Built-in car audio systems have their limitations on-board! No car sound system can play all the latest formats right now in the music playback industry. Thus, expand your compatible source and other capabilities by owning the best budget car stereo. Some of these formats and capabilities are:

  • MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  • iPod® and iPhone® support
  • Support for Android™ phones
  • Satellite radio
  • DVD playback
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • G.P.S. navigation

How to buy the best budget car stereo under 100?

Have you got no time to do the research? Don’t worry, we feel you! There are plenty of brands featuring the best cheap radios right now in the market, even with some false claims. Don’t get trapped! Our experts have made a quick 2-minutes guide to help you get enough knowledge to have the same investment.

Quick Tips to Follow While Buying the Best Car Stereo under 100:

Sophisticated or not? First of all, ask yourself how much-sophisticated device you want? A simple touchscreen L.E.D. with a simple look is enough, or you want something funky?

What features you must-have? There are plenty of smart features, but not everything is for everyone! Ensure that the stereo system you’re buying has proper channels, enough amplifying power to boost, the ability to produce clear notes at high volume, and an R.M.S. rating of 10 watts or more.

Installation: Most of the time, you might be looking at a car’s professional to fit in the stereo system in the dash. But what if you get the nifty gadgets that take 2 minutes and some simple wire connections to install.

Peripherals: Every car’s audio system is not the same! You either have the full range of component speakers in your ride. Full Range speakers can reproduce rich and more apparent sound due to being loaded with a subwoofer and a tweeter simultaneously, while the Component Speakers are only for specific frequency ranges. You’ll need to buy the crossover for component speakers as a peripheral.

10 best car stereo under 100:

Comparison Chart:

Products DesignScreen InputSmart Features Buy Now
ABSOSO Double Din Car Stereo SystemABSOSO-Double-Din-Car-Stereo-System:7-Inches HD USB/AUX/SD Bluetooth, navigation, phone-link and more Check Price
Great Mega Double Din Car Stereo SystemGreat-Mega-Double-Din-Car-Stereo-System:7-Inches HDUSB/ SD cardBluetooth, Wifi, FM/AM Radio and GPS navigation Check Price
Hikity Double Din Stereo SystemHikity-Double-Din-Stereo-System:7-Inches HDUSB/AUX/SDBluetooth, FM/AM Radio Check Price
Heiha Double Din Car StereoHeiha-Double-Din-Car-Stereo:7-Inches HDMirror Link/USB/SD/AUXBT and hand-free calling, FM Radio, USB, TF Card(Up to 32G), AUX-IN, music player, video player, Remote Check Price
JENSEN MPR210 Single Din StereoJENSEN-MPR210-Single-Din-Stereo:-USB/AUXReceiver, Push to Talk Assistant, Bluetooth, USB Fast Charging Check Price
BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia StereoBOSS-Audio-Systems-616UAB-Multimedia-Stereo:4-inches USB/AUXBluetooth, built-in microphone, AUX-IN, AM/FM tuner Check Price
P.L.Z MP-800 Car StereoP.L.Z.-MP-800-Car-Stereo:7-Inches HDUSB/SD/AUXBuilt-in preset and 10-band EQ, USB charging, ID3 tags Check Price
Konifo 2 Din MP5 Multimedia Car StereoKonifo-2-Din-MP5-Multimedia-Car-Stereo:7-Inches HDUSB/SD/AUXBackup Camera & Wireless Remote Control & Steering Wheel Control Check Price
Binize Wince Single Din In-Dash Car StereoBinize-Wince-Single-Din-In-Dash-Car-Stereo:7-Inches HDUSB/SD/AUXTFT LCD Retractable touch screen, rear view camera, GPS navigation. Check Price
About bit Double Din Multimedia Car StereoAboutbit-Double-Din-Multimedia-Car-Stereo:7-Inches HDUSB/SD/AUXAM&FM Radio, Subwoofer Output, Phone Link Check Price

1. ABSOSO Double Din Car Stereo System:

ABSOSO Double Din Car Stereo System - 10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2021


Double DIN Car Stereo:

Are you looking for the best budget car stereo of all time? Here is the Double DIN car stereo system by ABSOSO, which has earned higher user ratings and expert recommendations. ABSOSO has some latest technology features on-board, which brings driving entertainment. The built-in Bluetooth support, along with the hands-free calling and audio streaming, has taken the ride experience to another level.

Connect your device:

ABSOSO has brought you the compatibility to connect various smartphones with your car’s stereo. This radio unit can connect both Android and iOS devices to stream music and navigation and hands-free calling.

Supports Multiple Formats:

ABSOSO has never compromised on quality and versatility! The same is the case here with this Double DIN Car stereo, giving you the support for multiple audio/video formats. A 7-inches large H.D. touchscreen will take no time to play your favorite music under the format list of MP3/WMA/AVI/MKV/MP4/WMV/RMVB/MPEG and video format: RM/RMVB/DVD (VOB)/VCD (D.A.T.)/MP1/MP2/DIVX/XVID/MP4/H263/H264/FLV/3GP/SWF/AVI/ASF/MJPEG etc. 

Rear/Front View Camera:

Isn’t it convenient to have rear and front view cameras while riding! This ABSOSO Double DIN Care Stereo has 170-degree wide-angle camera support, which automatically displays the rear camera view when in reverse. A 100% standard mounting size ensures that this best cheap car radio unit fits all car models. 

  • AM/FM receiver support
  • Preamp and subwoofer
  • Wireless remote control
  • 170° ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Not a CD/DVD player

2. Great Mega Double Din Car Stereo System:

Great Mega Double Din Car Stereo System:


Wifi and Navigation:

This Double Din Car Stereo is entirely made using the latest technology attributes for all music lovers. Featuring wireless technology, this best cheap head unit combines all the winning features and yields an all-in-one stereo system. You can easily connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and USB cable. Moreover, you can make use of wifi to utilize the G.P.S. and Navigation features on-board. So, do you want to go somewhere next time, worry no more about the directions!

H.D. Capacitive Touch-Screen:

Get yourself this car’s stereo from Great Mega and improve the overall look for your dash! This double din car stereo has a wide 7-inches H.D. screen with a smooth touch. This highly responsive display and its ultra-fast wake-up time will transform your boring rides into entertaining ones.

Wide Compatibility:

Compatibility options are something you need to have for an all-in-one best affordable car stereo! Thus, Great Mega has cared for your needs and come up with Android and iOS support via mirror link functionality. Not just this, but you can use the USB and SD Card inputs to stream music and play your favorite playlists. A 16 G.B. built-in storage will give you back up when you’ve no smartphone by your side. 

  • L.E.D. reverse backup camera
  • Built-in G.P.S.
  • Smooth Radio experience
  • 16 G.B. on-board storage
  • No music play in camera mode

3. Hikity Double Din Stereo System:

Hikity Double Din Stereo System - 10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2021


Modern Technological Attributes:

Hikity has never disappointed its customers when it comes to updated features and modern technology. Thus, this 2 Din Stereo system has a Double USB and AUX/SD/TF inputs and supports multiple audio/video formats for an all-in-one device feel. Don’t let your dahs get overloaded as it features the panel size of 7.01″ (L)*3.93″ (H)*2.56″ (W) only. 

Radio and Bluetooth Support:

Hikity comes with F.M. Radio and Bluetooth wireless technology for an uninterrupted audio experience. A built-in microphone will leave no flaws behind in enjoying the Bluetooth-supported hands-free call while driving. Moreover, music lovers will get overwhelmed with digital auto-tuning, high–performance F.M. radio, and automatic scanning. 

Do you want to mirror your phone screen on the wide 7-inches L.E.D. of your car’s stereo? If so, let’s introduce you to the Mirror Link option of this Hikity Stereo. It has got a USB-enabled mirror linking, which helps you replicate the phone’s screen on your car’s stereo. The device support Android 4.0-7.0 and iOS versions 5s to 7s. 

Backup Camera:

A water-proof mini rearview camera will be got you stuck in love with this stereo. You can see a video input on the 7-inches screen, which shows the rearview while you’re reversing the car. 

  • 1080p video format support
  • Double USB ports
  • Subwoofer audio input
  • Steering wheel control
  • The steering wheel feature might not be for all cars.

4. Heiha Double Din Car Stereo:

Heiha Double Din Car Stereo:


Talking about some best affordable car stereo, Heiha has got its product in the first line always! There are plenty of reasons for this fact, including smart features like mirror link support and navigation skills. This double din car stereo system is compatible with the Android version 10.1 and below while iPhone 11 and below in the case of iOS. You can mirror link your smartphone while using the navigation, and it’s all done! 

Bonus Rear View:

Stereo systems are not made for you to reverse the car! But what if you are getting it in a complementary way. Here is Heiha Car Audio System having the H.D. 170-degrees wide-angle camera along with the IP67 water-proof support. What’s phenomenal is you’ll get the automatic view once you put the car n reverse gear! 

Functions that you like:

Multifunctioning is not a thing for this Heiha Stereo. You’ll even get more than this! Bluetooth support, hands-free calling, USB, FM-radio, AUX-IN, and an MP5 player- an all-in-one device for sure. There is no need to dial a number manually while driving while you can have a safe-mode calling, i.e., hands-free calls. 

1080P movies:

Are you preparing for a long drive? HEIHA stereo system also supports the bright LCD bringing you much fun by having 1080P support and 1920*1080 pixels. 

  • USB-charging
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation
  • MP5 player
  • 1080P video support
  • No built-in G.P.S. mode
  • MP5 player stops in reverse mode

5. JENSEN MPR210 Single Din Stereo:

JENSEN MPR210 Single Din Stereo - 10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2021


7-Character Display:

Aren’t you bored of the classic and traditional style audio systems on your dash? If so, you can’t get a better choice than this JENSEN MPR210 to replace the 90’s styled LCD. A 7-character display screen brings you a simple, elegant, and crystal-clear viewing experience while driving to avoid distractions.

Voice Assistant at Fingertips:

Physical intrusions and interferences can be dangerous while driving! JENSEN has cared for its users and brought the all-new voice assistant button to ask Google and Siri to play music or show the navigations.

Hands-Free Calling:

Another example of such a feature includes Bluetooth-supported hands-free calling! You can pair your smartphone via Bluetooth pairing to make and receive all the calls via your phone. Apart from calling, you can stream your favorite music from the phone to play it onto the car stereo.

Customize as per taste:

One of the most lovable features of all time that makes this JENSEN one of the best car stereo under 100 is customizability. You’ll have the two band tones (bass/treble) and 4 preset Equalizer curves to choose from your mood and taste.

  • Multimedia receiver on-board
  • 4 preset E.Q. curves
  • Voice assistant
  • J-Link Smart Remote
  • Low sound quality at some notes

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6. BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Stereo:


Smart Functionalities:

BOSS is the name of trust, reliability, and upgraded products! The same is the case here with this BOSS 616UAB Car Stereo system that owns the smart attributes, including dimmable illumination, L.E.D. Lights, Large LCD, quick-function buttons, and a mute button for added convenience. Not just this, but this is one of the best cheap car radio units of all time!

No distractions:

We care for you! That’s why the added Bluetooth support is making everyone love this BOSS Car Stereo. Along with that, a built-in microphone will support hands-free calling while driving. Moreover, you can also stream music via Spotify and Pandora support while keeping your phone connected.

Preamp Outputs:

That’s where you find the quality sound and detailed upper and lower frequency notes via this BOSS audio system. The unit has its preamp outputs, which let you widen up the whole setup by adding more amplifier or signal processors on-board.

Quality Sound:

You’ll get the incredible 4x 50 watts power in total, which will take your soul out with the heavy bass and rich sound quality. An amplifier is recommended to keep a balance between bass, treble, and fluency range.

ID3 Tags:

These ID3 tags serve an additional purpose. These can store and extract the data out of MP3 file format to show the lyrics, title, artist, track number, and more.

  • Front/rear preamp outputs
  • Switchable frequency
  • Spotify/Pandora support
  • A2DP, AVRCP, and H.F.P. profiles
  • No detachable front panel
  • No SD port

7. P.L.Z. MP-800 Car Stereo:

P.L.Z. MP-800 Car Stereo: - 10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2021


Full-on Multimedia Experience:

This P.L.Z. 800 has got everything you need in the best cheap head unit! Thus, you don’t need to get some boring rides in your car once you own this hard-ass music player on your dash. P.L.Z. 800 is a source of full-on entertainment. All you need is to connect your smartphone via AUX or USB and stream some music!

Responsive User interface:

A wide 7-inches L.E.D. The screen will never betray you as it is highly responsive and wake-up with a single touch. A full-on color display will depict everything happening in your music system live on screen. Moreover, you can have both the front and rear camera views on that wide L.E.D. in front of you for a safer ride experience at the same time.

Wide Compatibilities:

Since you’re buying a stereo for some rich sound quality, here comes the state-of-the-art car receiver and an MP5 player, which can be connected to your Android and iOS to stream your favorite tracks on the heavy-bass speaker.

Standard Size:

Who doesn’t like one-fit all design? So does the P.L.Z. Manufacturer! Here is this MP-800, which is made as 100% standard size and all that ports need to have in its car. Moreover, the external features, including preamplifier, subwoofer, and steering wheel controls, match most of the models.

  • 10 preset E.Q. modes
  • USB charging option
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Night vision cameras
  • No Bluetooth support

8. Konifo 2 Din MP5 Multimedia Car Stereo:

Konifo 2 Din MP5 Multimedia Car Stereo:


Wireless Connectivity:

If you’re looking for the best cheap Bluetooth car stereo, this might be the choice for you! Konifo 2 Din Car Stereo system has got strongly powered wireless connectivity in the shape of Bluetooth, which lets you connect your smartphone with an MP5 player on-board. Not only you’ll get wireless music streaming, but you can enjoy navigation and hands-free calling. Thus, a stabilized connection will drag everything at your fingertips!

Wide Input Options:

Enjoy the multiple input options, including the AUX/USB/SD. The USB and S.D. card modes play the role of storage media, and you can download or play songs directly. Simultaneously, the AUX input has the 3.5mm jack to instantly stream audio from your phone’s music player in the car’s stereo system.

While enjoying the best cheap Bluetooth car stereo features, how can one forget the mirror link! Konifo has featured the phone mirror linking by which you can replicate the phone’s screen directly onto the stereo system screen to sync videos, music, G.P.S., and everything.

Super Night Vision Camera:

Konifo has planned something extra for you! You’ll get the super night vision camera support as well. The wide 7-inches screen will depict the H.D. visuals from the rear end of your car while it’s in reverse gear. Automatic signaling will enable the reverse camera mode on its own!

  • MP5 player support
  • H.D. T.F.T. digital LCD
  • 1080P video support
  • Super night vision cameras
  • No wifi feature

9. Binize Wince Single Din In-Dash Car Stereo:

Binize Wince Single Din In-Dash Car Stereo: - 10 Best Car Stereo Under 100 for 2021


Safer and Practical:

What’s unique about this best budget car stereo system is its safer and practical approach! Binize has come up with the Single Din system, which offers quality sound with some heavy bass. Not just this, but the hands-free calling via Bluetooth and easy controls at the fingertips has outclassed all the products in the current range.

Dynamic Interface:

A 7-inches large LCD screen has urged users to replace their factory-styled stereo, and the decision is worth it! This 7-inches retractable touch screen, along with the dynamic user interface, allows easy access to audio controls, high fidelity options, and navigation. As a bonus, you’ll also have access to the rearview camera!

Automatic FM Scanning:

Music streaming is not the only best option by which you can enjoy your rides! Here comes the F.M. radio feature of this Binize Wince, which will automatically search for the stations and have 18-station memory on-board.

  • Single Din Head unit
  • 18 station F.M. station memory
  • Support mirror link
  • Offline navigation support
  • Poor screen quality

10. Aboutbit Double Din Multimedia Car Stereo:


High-Resolution Screen:

You might face a common problem from plenty of stereos, i.e., a low resolution and poor quality screen! But worry no more, as we have the Aboutbit Double Din Stereo featuring the truly HD 1024*600 7-inches LCD. A clear smart sense glass with a capacitive touchscreen on-board will change your perception towards the stereos. 

No car stereo is completed without any wireless connectivity support! So, here comes with Phone Link feature that lets you replicate the screen with a 2-way control. Thus, it enables you to have all the functions as per the cellphone, including the voice assistant. A wireless Bluetooth connectivity option is a bonus that has eased down the making/ receiving of calls. 

Stream Music or Watch Videos:

The long journey no more seems long now! Aboutbit has dual support by which you cannot only stream music but watch your favorite videos using two major input options, i.e., USB/ SD card. 

  • Front/Rear Backup camera
  • Steering wheel control
  • Convenient controls
  • 30 preset F.M. stations
  • Phone link works for selected models only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the best brand to buy car stereos under 100?

A. Never get betrayed by the false claims from plenty of brands that will create a fuss and confusion. Amongst all the choices, ABSOSO and BOSS are taking the lead in the best car stereo under 100 category. 

Q. How do I choose the best car stereo under 100?

A. Here are some factors that’ll help you make the right choice. 

  • Stereo Receiver and Pre Amplifier
  • Display size and quality
  • Power Ratings
  • Expandability 
  • Easy installment 

Q. What is the best car stereo with Bluetooth?

A. Almost all the car stereos under 100 are equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology to help you through hands-free calling and wireless music streaming. Amongst all the products, ABSOSO Double Din Car Stereo System is our best overall featuring high-range Bluetooth connectivity. 

Q. Is a 200-watt car stereo good?

A. Always look for the power ratings that depict how powerful your car’s stereo system is! Generally, 50 to 200 watts RMS power rating will deal with the bass and low frequency nicely. However, you can have 200 to 300 watts of power for the sub. Get an optimized bass, treble, and pop music quality using the 50 watts RMS per channel!


There are plenty of people busy in their daily life routine and want to utilize their travel time for some productivity of enjoyment. Thus, having an upgraded and top-notch quality stereo system in your car might help you get both privileges. Not only can you enjoy the MP5 music playback or watch 1080P videos, but you can have hands-free calling via Bluetooth connectivity. What else one wants while on a long journey!

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