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How To Recondition Wiper Blades? Some Quick Hacks

Do you know a recent survey has shown U.S. Highway Crashes due to adverse road or weather conditions, and the number comes out to be 178 crashes per hour! Additionally, the research showed that 670,000 people got injured, and 7400 die each year due to road crashes. Thus, you don’t want to be a part of it!

Faulty and defective windshield wipers have been found the main reason for most of the accidents. Therefore, whenever it’s time for inspection, make sure to check the wiper blades.

There might be many symptoms that your car shows to let you know that the windshield wipers are doing their job completely. The symptoms include a dirty windshield despite many rounds of wiper blades running across the screen, one-way spillage in summers, annoying marks on your screen due to insufficient cleaning capacity, and more.

If you’re feeling, we suggest you recondition or clean your wiper blades and revive them once you get them replaced. But have you ever wondered how to recondition wiper blades? If so, you’ve landed at the right place!

It hard to clean your Windshield, then your wiper blades need to be repaired! We have a complete guide about the reconditioning and revival of windscreen wiper blades, including the steps to complete the process. Let’s delve into further details.

First, Try out these hacks!

Recondition Wiper Blades

3 Ways to get maximum output out of windshield screens:

As said earlier, if your vehicle’s wipers are not working correctly and leaving annoying stains on the front and rear Windshield, try conditioning before replacing them.

Keep the Windshield clean:

Sometimes it isn’t enough to swap the wipers over the dry and dirty Windshield for keeping the Windshield clean, and the soft rubber of your wiper blades isn’t held adequate efficiency of cleaning the screen outstandingly.

Hence, what to do? Simple, the best way is to clean the Windshield regularly to maintain the long life of your wipers. You do this by best wiper blade cleaner and a microfiber towel. Use one side of this towel for actual cleaning purposes and the other side for buffing out the glass.

Clears the windshield frost by deicing:

Clearing the ice and frost off the front window through the defroster may cause wiper-torn cutting issues to occur.  So for removing freeze water on the window screen, you have to try a heavy-duty scraper and make the cleaning sure of the wiper blades.

Clean wipers regularly:

As rubber powder sheds off, eventually, this effect wipers performance badly. However, regularly cleaning resolves this problem; you take a cloth or a paper towel for this. Wet it, run it to the back and forth throughout the scraping edge of the windshield wipers.

Do it gently minimizes the risk of tearing the wiper rubber. Repeat the process seven to eight times.

How to recondition wiper blades?

Firstly, it’s essential to know that why reconditioning of the wiper blades is necessary? Cracked wiper blades don’t work well, and they may cause scratches on your glass that may lead to unsafe driving. Secondly, the rubber on the wiper blades started wearing over time, which leads to metal arm exposure, so reconditioning becomes necessary.

So if you feel any of the above problems, then it means the wiper blades are demanded reconditioning. Reconditioning is of two types; softening and cleaning.

Softening, the wrong dimensions, or hard blades demanded softening recondition. As only a rounded edge lessen the wiper blade smearing quality and prevent it from solid interaction with the windscreen

How to soften?

  • So for cleaning dirt from rubber blades, you have to smear blade length with a soft side of the cloth.
  • Apply glass just before starting the window scrubbing. Next, for wiping the edges, set the pressure and press it. Make sure that the entire embedded dirt lifted the windscreen wipers.
  • Secondly, cleaning is another most suitable form of reconditioning; you quickly make the wiper blades new.

How to Clean?

clean wiper blades

Step 1: Lift the wipers:

Lift the wipers from the Windshield by propping them. Turn the electrical systems on by putting the key in the ignition; and positioned the wipers straight up.

Step 2: Wipe them with vinegar or water cloth:

Now, pour little vinegar or water on a microfiber cloth. If blades are dirty, then use white vinegar; otherwise, just water is enough for cleaning.

Step 3: Rub the cloth gently:

Firstly, wrap the cloth around the wiper rubber, slide it up and down throughout the wiper blade length for pulling dirt and dust off. Next, move on; rub the wet cloth up and down over the wiper’s rubber blades. Do it continuously until you reach the desired results; then, after wiping the wiper blade, flip the cloth and wipe the blade again.

Step 4: Wash the hinge area:

Lastly, the final step is to wash the hinge area in case of sticking. For this, take a sponge, load it with water, gently wipe it over the hinges, and do it until the wipers start moving smoothly.

How to soften wiper blades?

Assuredly, wiper blades are of utmost importance, such as keeping rainwater off, providing clear visibility to the driving person, and saving from accidents. Hence, keeping them working accurately in top shape is necessary. Moreover, the blade condition of a wiper plays a very significant role in performance. Hardening of a blade may lead to low effectiveness, and this hardening may occur due to sun exposure or some other elements. However, for renewing, removing hardness, or softening the wiper blades, there are some simple steps to follow.

Material required
For wiper blades softening, clean cloth pieces, soap, white vinegar, water, and petroleum jelly.

Step 1: Lift the wiper blades arm:

The first step for easy access is to lift the wiper blade arm and keep it away from the car windshield. It’s necessary to do this because, in pulling, the only solution is replacing. Next, check the blades conditioned and examined whether they are cracked or torn?

Step 2: Wipe with vinegar dipped cloth:

How to clean windshield wipers with vinegar? It is just easy as you; take half a cup of vinegar; dip the clean cloth in it, and wipe the entire blade length with this wet cloth. Wipe it twice to make sure that the vinegar is cleaned correctly.

Step 3: Wipe the wet cloth along with the blades rubber:

Next, take a cup of plain water, put another cloth piece into and wipe this damp cloth along with the blade’s rubber for removing excess vinegar. Then wipe the rubber blades with a dry cloth.

Step 4: Petroleum jelly wipes off:

Move on, take the third piece of cloth, dip it into the petroleum jelly, wipe it entirely over the rubber length, and let the jelly dry for a minimum of ten minutes.

Note: Do not wipe wiper blades with petroleum jelly.

Step 5: Lower the wiper arms:

Lastly, lower the wiper arms on the Windshield after completing the entire softening process; indeed, the rubber will become softer and perform better without any leaving scratches over the glass.

How to clean wiper blades?

A quick clean becomes of utmost importance if your wiper blades do not work correctly and clearing rain excellently. So we took few easy steps to follow for how to clean wiper blades? As follow;

Material required
A paper towel or a sponge, rags, warm soapy water bucket, and a surgical spirit.

Steps to clean the wiper blades:

Step 1: Proper windscreen clean:

First, you have to clean your car windscreen correctly and for this, took warm soapy water and a jet washer.

Step 2: Lift the wiper arms:

Pull back your windscreen wiper arms, and then lock them into up position.

Step 3: Wipe down:

Add hot soapy water to the rag or paper towel. Gently rub it up and down along the wiper blade. Usually, the edges hold fragile rubber, so while cleaning, be careful of it and if you are using paper towels for the cleaning purpose, then discard them after each swipe. Keep the wiping step until there is not dirt remain.

Step 4: Clean other parts:

Sometimes cleaning of the wiper blades isn’t sufficient, so cleaning other parts is also essential. For this purpose, take hot soapy water, clean the dirt and other debris from all over the windscreen, and the wiper blades to perform excellently.

Step 5: Removal of soapy water:

Use surgical spirit and remove the soapy water over the windscreen; for this, give a final swipe and remove additional soapy water.

Note: It’s necessary to clean the windscreen wipers regularly for efficient viewing as dirt drying leads to potential damaging to your windscreen. Although, the rubber blades also wear over time due to their hot-surface placement and direct interaction with the UV-rich rays. These radiations make them brittle and hard; in that situation, only replacing instead of cleaning is the best option to choose.

Can you recondition or clean wiper blades with WD40? How?

clean wiper blades

Assuredly, dirty wiper blades lead to frustration and sometimes may cause accidents. Therefore, quick maintenance becomes the need to make them clean and secure. WD40 is one of the best options for this; it is a water-resistant silicone lubricant spray. You can recondition or clean your windscreen wiper blades with it effectively.

Material required
All you need is a clean microfiber towel and a WD40 spray. You can do it in an open area such as outside or your home garage.

Step 1: Lift the wiper blades:

As always, simply here is also you have first to lift the windscreen wiper blades and set them in locking position. It’s an easier way to clean as the blades are not pressed down while cleaning.

Step 2: Spraying the WD40 spray:

Second, spray the towel with WD40 spray, and run this towel down the blade rubber section. Besides, for stabilizing, hold the towel in one and keep the wiper blade in another hand.

Step 3: Repeatedly do it:

Repeat this process until you’ll become damn sure that all the grime and dirt get removed from the rubber. After removing and ensuring it, move to the next wiper blade and repeat the same process to gently clean the wiper blade’s rubber.

Step 4: Inspect the wiper blades visually:

Once completing the cleaning process, make sure to inspect the wiper blades visually. You can do it by moving the finger smoothly over the rubber section. In case of any bumps, feeling repeat the step three times and make the perfect cleaning.

Note: The WD40 method doesn’t work like a miracle and makes the wiper blades new, so the daily maintenance isn’t neglectable. Secondly, use standard WD40 spray on the rubber blades as this spray holds petroleum byproducts that eat or break down the rubber.

How to make wiper blades last longer?

Wiper blades usually get old and demand replacement; however, instead of replacing them, they increase their lifespan by just following a preventative schedule.

Extend the wipers lifespan through following different ways:

  • Alcohol wash:

The rubber portion of your wipers should always give its excellent performance, so keep it in a well-maintained position is necessary. Wiping them with 91 percent denatured alcohol once a month makes the rubber flexible and keeps the debris away. Moreover, this wash maintains the shyness of wipers to their actual state.

  • Avoid Sun Parking:

Flexibility decreases and wiper blades’ rubber started to dry out when they face severe hot weather, so always avoid sun parking. Besides, this leads to rubber hardness and brittleness, and the ultimate end is quicker damage to your wiper blades. Moreover, to prevent the rubber from cracking is necessary as this further resulted in streaks.

  • Properly snow and ice removal:

Ice or snow may cut or potentially damage the rubber of your wiper blades, so proper removal is the only way to make them long-lasting. A commonly used method is a scraper, but using it continuously may lead to rubber cutting, so be careful while removing ice or snow.

  • More cleaning:

Yes, it’s essential to care for them as you care for yourself daily for expanding their lifespan. Plus, daily or routine cleaning will enhance the long-lasting and make the wiper blades shinier. However, in case of not daily cleaning, you must wash or wipe them after every rain; this will remove all accumulated or build dirt from the rubber section and give it a new life.

  • Lifting the wiper blades while snowing:

Lifting the wiper blades while snowing seems extreme, but you don’t know how much it is functional. When snow lands on your Windshield, it melts and freezes to ice form that will eventually lead to rubber tearing. The activation of wipers becomes almost impossible, so lifting them the only way to avoid unnecessary build-up of ice over the wiper blades.

  • Avoid Scrapping:

Cutting corners and scraping the build-up ice from the Windshield in winter also leads to destruction. The sharp edge of your scraper will badly hit the rubber part of the wiper blades and resulted in cut, tearing, and gouging of the rubber. Besides, scrappers also leave deadly scratches to your glass screen, so use them gently; otherwise, avoiding them is the best option.

  • Prefer washer fluid for cleaning:

Always prefer washer fluid to clean the wipers blades; this fluid will thoroughly remove the gathered debris and dirt over your car windscreen and ensures you complete cleaning. Secondly, only washer fluid will prevent the rubber edge and prevent any damage or scratch over the Windshield.

  • Avoid dry operating:

Last but the critical point is to avoid the dry running of your wiper blades. The dry use leads to squeaky and screeching noise; that causes rubber wearing. So in case of no rain or other wet condition, spray a little washer fluid over the Windshield before using the wipers.


It is all about cleaning wiper blades and renewing wiper blades by enhancing their long-lasting, increasing their working capability, reconditioning the blades through cleaning and softening methods, and cleaning the wiper blades regularly.

Further, a step-by-step guide for performing cleaning makes it easier to maintain the healthy life of your wiper blades. And how to make wipers long-last is clearly explained in detail.

So followed simple steps and prevented your rubber wiper from wearing and damaging. Lastly, the preferable method to clean the wipers blades is cleaning with WD40 that we describer earlier. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful knowledge and make cleaning easier, plus prevent you from damaging your wiper blades.

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